Why are idiots so drawn to guns? That’s the bigger question… :P – VIDEO


It’s The Right To Bear Arms, Not The Right To Be A Dumbass – VIDEO
When this hilarious video came across my news feed, I knew we had to share it.

The main message of the clip is summarized near the end by the following reminder about the Second Amendment:

“Because it’s the Right to Bear Arms. Not the Right to be a Dumbass.”

This amazing video is presented by Evolve, a grassroots organization patterned after MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers).

The organization seeks common sense solutions to the problem of gun violence in America.

According to their website,

Evolve was founded at the kitchen table. A place where the most important conversations seem to happen…. What can be done to prevent the next tragedy? Why have we made so little progress in preventing gun violence over the past few decades? And perhaps most importantly, why is there such animosity between the gun community and the rest of the country? It was obvious from the outset that this was not going to be easy.

Guns are a part of America, from the shot heard round the world to present days. How do we as a country begin a productive conversation that protects gun rights, but gives equal consideration to the moral responsibilities that come with those rights?

The key is trust. When a seemingly uncontroversial word like safety becomes politicized, it’s no wonder it feels like nothing can get done. How bad is it? Consider that when a non-gun owner mentions ‘safety’, the gun community interprets that as a ruse meant to hide your true intentions of taking their guns away. So Evolve is consciously apolitical, and doesn’t address legislative issues. We’ve recruited gun owners, manufacturers and retailers to sit alongside non-gun owners. And we hope that we are being as transparent as we can. All to build trust, so that we can all start working together to increase safety and reduce gun violence. And for our first act, we need to take back the word ‘safety’ so that it isn’t on either side, but is universal and politically agnostic.

Take the pledge to not be a dumbass at Take On The Code.

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