RWW: Convicted Felon Bakker: Obama Sounds Like ‘The Representative For Antichrist’ – VIDEO


Televangelist Jim Bakker said on his program today that President Obama “sounded like the representative for Antichrist” in his recent speech at the United Nations.

Bakker’s guest, conservative pastor Jim Garlow, responded by suggesting that Donald Trump has come under attack because of his opposition to globalism.

While Trump has indeed railed against global elites who he says are part of a massive conspiracy to thwart his candidacy, he once called for a “cohesive global economy” and said that we “will have to leave borders behind and go for global unity when it comes to financial stability.”

This isn’t the first time Bakker has linked the president to the Antichrist.

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  • Paul Lambert
    Paul Lambert October 31, 2016 at 7:48 am

    And if there were a god, Jim Bakker’d be dead & Tammy Faye’d still be alive
    …but there isn’t, so we’re stuck w/this ahole.

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