Joe Rogan On Atheism – VIDEO


Watch The Full Podcast Here: Clip from the Friday, November 14th 2014 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and…



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Juan Nunez

Joe is right, he is just using the wrong words I think. Look at the Amazing
Atheist(and others online) brand of atheism. It’s just as dogmatic as
religion. “There is no god therefore…anyone who claims to be religious is
stupid/evil.” That brand of atheism takes the basic truth of “There is no
evidence of god” and uses it to push their own views and judgement on the
world. I’m an atheist, but I also recognize that a belief in god(or lack
there of) doesn’t inherently make you a good or bad person.

Jack Coulson

Everything Joe said was retarded. We already know Christians cherry pick
the bible which shows you that they don’t get their morals from the bible
because if they did they wouldn’t cherry pick it. Everybody has
conventional morals due to our evolution shaping those morals, we know not
to kill each other if we want our species to live, we know to be altruistic
because it may reciprocate. Atheism is not a religion, that’s the dumbest
shit I’ve ever heard. 


i completely agree with joe in this. many of you atheists act almost like
any other cult out there. aggressive and you have the constant need to be
right. just accept that you are a religion of science. just accept it


I love Joe, but on this point i think he should take a break, and rethink it. Just because you smoke some mushrooms/DMT, or whatever that alters the chemical signals in your brain, and makes you feel/see things you normally wouldn’t, is by no means any indication, let alone evidence to suggest anything supernatural is happening. Also on the agnostic part, i still don’t get it. Why should i be agnostic about an idea. An idea which is not testable, and as far as we know has not had any effects on anything. For all i know there are flying… Read more »


Proclaiming there is no god is just as ludicrous as proclaiming there is no
flying unicorn… The difference being that people prefer to believe in a
god because it provides them with the comfort blanket that they’ll live
after they die, the unicorn doesn’t do that.


Unforunately +Secular Talk, I have met quite a few atheists who make the
claim that they know for a fact that there is no god. I don’t see it as
much as the type that says I do not believe but at least at this point in
our life we cannot say for sure, but it is still quite present.


I’m agnostic because I’m not arrogant enough to say I know.

InnOminandum X

God is the force that is guiding our universe and keeping harmony in our
universe . The force that gives the universe law.

Their are laws in the universe so the force that gave law to the universe
is God .

Melody Hynes

I personally sit at the middle ground of I don’t believe, but I don’t
disbelieve/lack belief in, a deity of any sorts, I am literally an I don’t
know, and don’t care about the idea of a God, (~0-0)~ if there is one,
there is one, if not, then there’s not, kinda thing ^^

Carson Park

Atheism+ is the religion of secular feminism. Atheism is the null position
to god propositions… which is a weird thing to define yourself as, trying
to drop associating with null positions and start with positive assertions.
As a skeptic the inevitable result is atheism.


Atheism isn’t a belief. It’s Reason. It’s a lack of beliefs.
Some god is no different to some tooth fairy.
I don’t need to prove they don’t exist to know they’re bullshit.

Gluteus Invictus

Atheism+? Seriously? For shame, man. Play the definitions game all you
want, but religious behavior makes you religious. No matter if you believe
in a god or not.


But what is the goal ? when you have belitteled and bullied enough
religious ppl into your neo-capitalist world wiew , and everyone only
speaks the accepted politically correct feminist dogma, and only belive
in what they can see. what then ? do you think it will make the world a
better place ? and why ? if you are atheist, its ok. what is this need to
tell everyone what you dont belive ?


Stay away from drugs, kids!

Blue Point Trading

Kyle is picking and choosing his definitions: e.g. something of
overwhelming importance to a person: football is his religion. He also is
promoting activist atheism. He wants to get a group together to force his
will on others. This is just as dangerous as religious fundamentalism that
want’s to force their beliefs on others. Kyle is becoming what he despises.


I don’t like Joe very much but I get where he is coming from when he says
some atheists are very aggressive when you tell them you don’t care to take
a stance on the existence of a god.

Alex g greenfurt

agnostics are just intellectual pussies too weak to take a position, to
take the correct position. 


Joe was actually right about atheism+, they took atheism and injected
social justice warrior nonsense, dogma into it. But, Joe was just plain
ignorant as to what the definitions of atheism and agnosticism are. Since
they aren’t mutual exclusive you can be both. Now, with regard to his
bullshit about shrooms giving him a “spiritual” experience, I could
understand someone saying that they had an experience when they didn’t know
that they were on drugs, but the fact that he knew he was on drugs just
makes him sound dumb.

Talladega Tom

If Atheism is a religion, then I should have the ability to set up my own
church and that church operation should receive all of the tax breaks that
go to the other religions.
Until we get that, atheism is not a religion. ;)


I agree with him on Atheism+ those bastards can burn to death they are a
disgrace to atheists everywhere. The rest of the shit he sad was just word


Theists have so thoroughly demonized the word ‘atheist’, including calling
it a religion, that people have become squeamish to label themselves as
such, even if they fit the definition, a lack of belief in gods. The
reality is that the word describes a single personal trait that’s no more
insidious or more complex than the color of your eyes. Any other baggage
that’s been misattributed to atheists should be entirely ignored.


I love you Joe Rogan. I know you’re a great guy to hang out with. You need
to understand that atheism is against any religion, which does not make it
automatically a religion. That being said, all sides have some people who
are passionate, which is an apple & orange thing. Joe Rogan’s “friend” is
probably an agnostic, which is not a problem. Anyway, as Bill Maher states,
“Atheism as a religion is like abstinence as a sex position.”

Trey K

His experiences are only based on his sober thoughts… and this is a bad
thing? wtf

King Tootie

Sounds to me like Joe Rogan has become addicted to these “psychedelic
trips”, you fucking useless drug addict, maybe instead of believing
everything you see while on shrouds or DMT, read a fucking book about it.
People see all sorts of weird shit when they’re high out of their minds.
That what drugs do. 


The word “agnostic” needs to be abolished. It’s completely useless and only
muddies the waters. It’s too ambiguous.

Ryan Swanson

Great, I just lost all respect for Rogan. He’s stupid. I’m an atheist who
has had *many* experiences on mushrooms and LSD. Rogan’s an idiot. Too much
weed y’all and I smoke that too.


*Mushrooms hallucinations* can be explained.

If you cannot rule out a God. I guess we cannot rule out leprechauns under
my sink, holding the pipes together but vanish when I look for them

*Atheism* + is stupid.


Watch some david icke if you cant get the idea of oneness … universal


I thought atheism + was some stupid feminist movement? Regardless, Rogan
is somewhat off. Sure, I would never say with absolute certainty that
there is *no* god but at the same time I put the same value on gods as I do
bigfoot, flying teapots, boogeymen, and gnomes. As for this universal
consciousness bullshit, sure, could be something like that exists but what
he’s talking about is, so far, the product of an over active imagination.
Like someone who’s tripping balls on acid, there is no value in it.


This isn’t the first time Joe Rogan has said something stupid, he’s made a
career out of it.


Atheism isn’t a religion. Atheism claims nothing, every religion, claims
truth while providing none. Atheism’s just logic, history, science and

If “religion” can’t overcome those hurdles, gaps, and measuring sticks of
don’t turn around disowning reality. It is just blaming a score board for

It contains no fictitious dogma & never will. Rogan just used False

Rose K

Oh god….

aex chavez

Atheism can be DOGMATIC. That’s what he meant.

Liam Smith

Atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex position. 


calling yourself as simply agnostic makes no sense, you’re an “agnostic”
it’s like referring to yourself as simply a fundamentalist. Well
fundamentalist of what exactly? religious fundamentalist? 

But Black Dynamite I Sell Drugs to the Community!

Atheism is a religion. And yes he can move the goal post on what God could
actually mean. I mean if your idea of God is a man with a beard in the sky
then you’re just focusing on Christianity and even then you have moved the
goal post. Ofcourse you don’t understand, its the same way you don’t
understand what the God of Christianity is. You can’t define, measure or
experiment on God of Christianity therefore you don’t know what it
scientifically means. 


Every single person on earth is an agnostic, from the pope, to the sultan
of brunei to Richard Dawkins

Brian Anderson

Really, I think you’re both right and you just clarified what he meant.
Whatever the case, I’m glad that atheism is so loud, and *damned*
successful on a neutral public domain like YouTube.

Edgardo Amado

I say …. I’m a humanist, makes conversations more interesting 


Hmm… it appears atheism is the incorrect term… Either way, as an
atheist, I feel it is completely fine to say “I don’t know” about a lot of
stuff, as opposed to “I know god did it!” like creationists and intelligent
design promoters spew. I am an atheist because when a religion points to
their Abrahamic book for evidence of something, I just simply won’t accept
that. Using the Bible as Evidence: “There is a giant asteroid heading for
Earth!!!” Scientist: “How do you know?!” “I drew it here on this piece of
paper!!! It must be true!!!”

Alexander Shuster

Atheism+ makes no sense as an organization. If you want to put forward your
feminist ideas, why do it in the setting of atheism? 

Ryan Chandler

The bottom line is that the existence of a god can neither be proved or


and kyle, try mushrooms or DMT… id say DMT if you have the balls to do it
w/o experience with psychedelics… you can think things youve never
thought before and would never think of if it wasnt for said DMT trip.
personally i think joe rogan is awesome for the work he does spreading the
truth about these drugs, but i almost think he might have taken them a bit
too much or hes over thinking some of the experiences he had on them.

Kenneth Knoppik

my understanding of the description of atheism is not necessarily the disc believe in God but the disbelief in man’s description of God. which means the disbelief in the validity of Holy Scriptures which are thousands of years old. we know it was written by man not by any God, to maintain the status quo of the society that existed at that time. if you don’t believe in a god you are skeptic. and I think skepticism has more to do with the belief or non belief in the God. and atheism has to do with the non beliefbelief in… Read more »

Wray Townsend

Atheism is not a fucking religion. I think I know what he was trying to say
but he was way off base on most of his rant. Atheist do say, “I don’t
know.” Thank you Kyle for understanding that agnosticism and atheism are
concerned with two different questions.

phill popper

1:02 “his ideas are only based on his own personal experience and what he’s
learned and what he’s read”


He’s missing the major point. Atheists are those who don’t believe in a
deity. Now he says when he does psychedelics he realizes it isn’t real, but
then goes on to say that atheists can’t just say there isn’t any type of
other consciousness, but that isn’t anywhere near atheism which is just the
non belief in a deity, that’s it. 

Alan W

Wrong!!! Next.

Cillian Scott

If atheism is a religion, off is a TV channel.