Johann Hari: Everything We Know About the Drug War & Addiction is Wrong

29 – As President Obama seeks $27.6 billion for federal drug control programs in his new budget, we talk to British journalist Johann Ha…

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  1. I concur with this guy, I have personally been high on Jesus, thus I have
    never been tempted by drugs such as heroin and cocaine. I think there is
    validity to his premise.

    Now where is my weed and tequila…I need to wind down.

  2. Very eye-opening information and more evidence that the current war on
    drugs is counterproductive and misguided.

  3. Ha… fixing the human “cage” is an even more daunting task than
    eradicating a chemical from the streets… not only are most taxpayers
    uninterested in improving living conditions for the lower working class and
    poor (it’s cost prohibitive… it takes away from their “bingo” money), but
    no police force will get SWAT items under that imperative.

  4. Great to see and hear from Johann Hari… not heard anything from him since
    leaving the Independent. It was Johann Hari that first raised my
    consciousness of the futile war on drugs.

  5. Look at Cuba hardly any addicts, it wasn’t the blockade or the lack of
    availability of the drugs to give credit to that bc if you let the DEA tell
    it Cuba is a major pipeline for drug trafficking, it was the absence of
    capitalism which makes one feel like they have to catch up in this world
    and an addict feels like being high can give them an escape from it all

  6. It’s sensationalist to say “everything we know” is wrong. The science of
    addiction is still correct. He is right that social factors can often be
    just as bad of a cause, but it’s still true that addiction is a clear
    chemical property of certain molecules. Also, about addiction because of
    treatment, he is being disingenuous. Millions of people treated with
    opiates go home with the same addiction. I know several people this has
    happened to.

  7. *Johann Hari: Everything We Know About the Drug War & Addiction is Wrong*
    Correcting out thinking and problem solving methods. Meditate to become
    calm, healthy, clear minded instead.

  8. This man has done his homework. This British man understands clearly the
    nature of the American drug war in all it’s facets better than most all
    Americans. Thank you.

  9. Johann, bravo, bravo, bravo on a stunning work done with passion and
    tenacity. You may have been chosen to be the new leader of the drug
    revolution. And I’m all for more playgrounds:)

  10. Don’t any from democracy now got a new smartphone? It would probably record
    better video than whatever they are using or is that an old video?

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