John Oliver: Brexit Update – UK Version…


On our last episode of the year, we couldn’t show our Brexit segment in the UK because of their stupid ban on using footage from Parliament. What did they get instead? They got this.



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Hey nice dance on the Youtube Rewind dude! Really loved that one /s

Lara Cristol

I've read fanfictions worst than that. Not proud about it.

dead meat

This is awesome.

Diego Cerebro

Why is this so fucking funny ?

The Strange, the Mad & the Nerdy

The Gilbert Godfried Challenge: make it six minutes with headphones on uninterrupted lol

AB Garcia

Brexit is the rejection of Socialism and the new world order. #MAKEUKGREATAGAIN

Christel Headington

Gilbert is aging into his voice.He's always sounded like a hard of hearing, grumpy old man.

Pen Name

Massive respect to Gilbert Godfrey for not dying of boredom while reading this out loud

Jonathan Monterrosas

Who saw Oliver in YouTube rewind

Just Some Guy with a Mustache

I can see now why Jafar was so irritated in the sequel.