Jon Stewart Discusses Kansas’ Child Beating Law and Anti-Gay Bill – VIDEO



Oh, to be a Daily Show writer these days. Material falls out of the sky and is handed to them like a golden gift on a silver platter.

Woe to any intelligent citizens of Arizona, Kansas, or Missouri. The inmates have taken over the asylum.

Paraphrasing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart opened Thursday’s show. “I believe it was Martin Luther King Jr. who said ‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice’ or something like that. However it appears some of America’s state legislatures would like to make that arc longer, and maybe have it bend, not as much towards justice, but backwards and up their own asses.”

Stewart was referring to some of the more ass-backward, full-on insane, and quite frankly, unconstitutional bills that have been proposed recently.

Stewart addresses the following:

Kansas’ Spank Until They Bruise Bill

Missouri’s Opt Out Of Evolution Bill

Kansas (again) with their Legal Discrimination Against Gays Bill

Arizona’s Legal Discrimination In the Name of Jesus Bill

Watch Stewart’s take-down of  right-wing extremist lunatics in the video here:

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