Jon Stewart talks to the academics who prove beyond a doubt that the US is no longer a functioning democracy… – VIDEO


New Study Proves U.S. Is Controlled By Rich And Powerful Elite – VIDEO

It’s not exactly breaking news that the United States is an Oligarchy and that Democracy in this country has gone the way of the dinosaur and the Dodo Bird. But when other countries are looking at us and pointing their fingers, the problem has gone beyond just being anecdotal.

Former Labor Secretary, Robert Reich, has been railing about it for years, warning of the dire consequences of an elite few pouring billions into our political process in order to sway legislation, regulation and inevitably profits their way.

When billionaires supplant political parties, candidates are beholden directly to the billionaires. And if and when those candidates win election, the billionaires will be completely in charge.

Reich writes extensively on his blog and also manages to find his way all over the internet. He even produced a film, “Inequality for All,” documenting how the wealthiest 1% siphoned trillions of dollars from hard working Americans. It’s not clear how many people have watched it, but it’s clear that those who did aren’t sufficiently pissed off enough.

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Was it ever, seriously? Considering that the Founding Fathers were all rich white dudes – and many of them slave owners – who gave no rights to women, one would have to argue “nope”.

Well, let’s just put it this way. It was a lot closer to a theoretically functional democracy a few decades ago than it is now. 😛