Idiot Josh F. Defeats Atheism! The drunken atheists respond to his challenge – VIDEO





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Aron Tragardh

It’s funny cause the nazis were christians xD


Murder is universally considered wrong? That’s not true actually.
Throughout history, and even today, there are varying degrees of belief on
what are acceptable reasons to torture and murder from culture to culture.

Hell, their god supposedly said we should stone the gays(men specifically)
to death. My own moral code disagrees with that.

The Amazing Atheist

Josh Smar t. God REAL. TJ dumb . . . . TJ atheits!!! TJ burn in hell!!

Josh Moronstein

P.S. Evilooshun sux! 


Please get him on the show and destroy him. Please.


Honestly after hearing Josh, I really start to think that there is a god.
Because it is clearly a miracle, that a creature with a negative IQ is able
to talk.

Noah Zork

Just feel like its worth mentioning… if I’m not too far off the mark…
weren’t the Nazi’s a devoutly Christian group?

VT Gaming

You’re an idiot TJ.

God does exist, the bible says so, and how do we know the bible is real you
ask? well.. that’s uhh.. fuck i just turned Athiest.


Hey athets, if homans evalved form mankeys Y R THEIR STIL MANKEYS?
Taken from a post I saw on a christian site.

anthony johnson

You are living proof. I have been subscribed to The Amazing Atheist for over 3 years and he has yet to ask the questions about God that actually matters. TJ I have been a fan of your’s despite the differences in our beliefs. I have been a little prick in your comment section from time to time but I stopped because I reached a point in my faith where I relies I should be about my beliefs and not run my mouth about them. But TJ please answer this question. (here goes nothing) There is a substantial chance that God… Read more »


I hate it when people compare God to pixies and leprechauns. It shows how
ignorant these two atheists are…

ur abender

Burn you atheist pricks. God is the way.


$100000000000000000000000000 to anyone who can disprove Darth Vader.


These Atheist video are brain washing children to hate religions people and
assume they’re all extremists.


I can´t understand how the holocaust is something everyone cares about
because hitler killed jews, but they don´t say anything about how the
church killed and tortured the same way for being “bad” in the past.

Dustin Mccormack

The Amazing Atheist cannot explain this :

But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto
the Greeks foolishness; But unto them which are called, both Jews and
Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.

Explain this in all your wisdom and knowledge . 

Alex I

I have to disagree with your statement at 6 minutes. An “atheist” could not
condemn the holocaust, simply because it is a non-position. The arguement
can not be made from “I don’t believe in a god so the holocaust was wrong”.
This is the same reason Atheism attached to figures like Stalin, has no
relevance, because the position is simply a null response to a claim, it
does not hold any grounding for… anything o.O.

At the point where someone who is Atheistic condemns the holocaust they are
taking up another position i.e humanism, rationalism, materialism etc…

Gabriel Barile

Crusades morality, thank god im atheist


This Josh guy needs his Fb page deleted. He’s brain washing people 


Heres a great question to Christians. Disprove the flying spaghetti monster
:). Oh what you can’t? Oh well that’s just too bad.


God doesn’t exist simply because he’s a human concept created for those who
need the big questions answering and can’t be fucked to put the time in. No
evidence exists to prove he/she/God/sky-man/Allah exists.
Check or postal order will be okay
ps: If you have anymore prize giveaways in the future could you make the
questions a little more challenging. Thank you :0)

Cohen Marlow

My anus is ready god, come on, right in my arse.


I can turn invisible, but I can only do it when no one is looking…


Okay, I know this channel isn’t really about that, but can it be just once, that some christian, who isn’t a complete nutcase, appears here? I mean, I’ve seen many videos of your show, Amazing Atheist and with many of your opinions, I cannot help but agree. Mainly about the things on feminism, but when I looked at the videos made about christianity, or christian people, I know the people you’ve shown in your videos were all dumbasses, but I am afraid a lot of people who watch your videos think, that all, or at least most christians are like… Read more »


I hope this atheist burn in hell in be condemned for rejecting god.


This guy might be stupid but… damn that’s a good circle..

austin czaplewski

If hitler would have been smarter and more cunning, he probably would have
won ww2


Atheists are dumb


LMAO when he said “*whistle* here boy” I fucking DIED

jefe Anson

The complete and total thing absurd thing about atheists is that they say that god is absurd, but it is equally absurd to say that their explanation is that we are nothing but a big glowing sphere floating out in eternal nothingness, whats really absurd , I think that even the eternal nothingness is proff that we are in a never ending conundrum and that the earthis a prison that cannot be escaped and we will all share the same fate. Atheists also dis regard the fact that science only speaks about what they know and not about the obvious… Read more »

Mark Bialik

Christians that believe that nothing can happen without “god’s” consent
and/or that “he” has a “perfect plan” (which is most Christians) cant
honestly condemn the Holocaust because, by their own mythology, if it
happened its because “god” determined it should, as part of “his” plan.

Saint Katana

Meh. All this has put me in the mood to watch some goofy, cheesy sci-fi
flick. *Cat. 8* should do the trick.


Geese, this guy is not serious obviously. He’s a comedian chill out. 

Rahul J.

hi mr. amazing atheist.
i am a fellow atheist and i also like your videos, but i have a question.
why do you use so much cuss/slang in your videos?

Jason McGarrity

I would feel wrong killing most people but I doubt I would feel wrong about
killing that guy. Maybe somebody should put this to the test!


Christians (and by extension theists) think in absolutes -black and white basically. So, they are simply going to keep insisting on DEFINITE 100% CERTAIN and UNQUESTIONABLE evidence that disproves their god/gods whatever. No matter how much we attempt to convince them that there are no such things as absolutes regarding an ideology such as god or anything we could possibly think of, they will simply not accept something they lack 100% reassurance of. Not to mention their emotional complex built around the religion they claim to themselves is fact. The answers we have in mind are no where near all… Read more »

Fortit Jordan

so everything humans/science can’t see/know is full of magical gods and
creatures, but in the momment that science can actually reach, meassure and
interpret said knowledge those creatures suddenly go away far away from us?

Ben Crispe

I can’t believe multiple theists are using this “knowledge in the universe”
argument. Knowledge exists only in the mind. We made it up, as a means of
keeping track of shit. If I give you a book, the book doesn’t contain
knowledge, it contains atoms. We just are able to interpret symbols on the
page as information because we were taught to recognize the patterns and
symmetry of the language.


This Josh guy should read the Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes, if he is smart
enough to read it that is. Or at least excerpts from it. They have very
different views about murder during the lack of government. Josh might
learn something from it.


God exist he created you and us he loves us he will protect …. nah fuck
that shit he can’t even handle one planet even with his unlimited powers.

mike marlow

Any rational thinking human knows that knowledge is infinite therefore
physically representing all the knowledge in the universe with a circle on
a piece of paper is not only Ludacris and stupid but totally misleading.