Just what the Brexit shitshow needed, for Labour to start splintering off into factions. Brilliant work, Limeys!

Seven U.K. Labour Lawmakers Quit Over Jeremy Corbyn’s Handling of Brexit and Anti-Semitism

Reuters / Pedro Nunes

LONDON—Britain’s nervous breakdown in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union has mostly been felt by Theresa May and lawmakers in her Conservative party, who have been at each other’s throats for two years as they stumble towards Brexit.

But the main opposition party—Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour—has also been coming apart at the seams. That became even clearer Monday when seven of its lawmakers, unable to back their left-wing leader on Brexit or the way he’s dealt with anti-Semitism in the party, decided to quit.

Some of the reasons given by the seven members of parliament [MPs] at their dramatic press conference were similar to the bitter arguments which have seen Conservative party politicians angrily fighting amongst themselves. Namely, a complete disagreement with their leader on how to go forward with the Brexit referendum result.

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Tony Reeves

Not at all true. Seven (now eight) right-wing Labour MPs, who’ve opposed Corbyn since his election as leader and feared possible votes of ‘no confidence’ from their local members, resigned to form a mysterious entity called ‘The Independent Group’. These eight have spent most of the last two years attacking their own party rather than the Conservatives and, frankly, most of the membership are glad to see the back of them. The ‘Group’ is not a political party (nobody seems quite sure what it is). If it were, it would have had to reveal its funding. It hasn’t. The eight… Read more »