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And yet somehow millions die from said diseases. Or starvation. Or lack of clean water. Makes sense.

Oh dear….. Another brainwashed ‘religious’ numpty….

Really? By chance do you have verifiable repeatable peer reviewed evidence to back up any of these statements? Or just the one copy of copies of translated from translations book containing well over 6000 errors contradictions and lies?

Poor Justin, Mr. T would pity this fool.

Sadly I learned he would not as Mr T is one of them. That makes me sad

Really? Fucking Chuck Norris…

r3coh – is that the red wine molecule?

r3coh? Wow, this guy really knows his science. There’s not actually an element with the symbol R, so that would be a tough one to verify. He was probably making a stab at C2H5OH (ethyl alcohol). And if you think that’s nitpicking, don’t drink this guy’s homemade brew. It just may be CH3OH, which is methyl alcohol and will kill ya.