Cities start exploring open carry bans… – VIDEO

Kansas City Poised To Pass City Wide Open Carry Gun Ban (Video)

Kansas City’s mayor doesn’t want guns in plain view anywhere in the city, and it appears he has the city council backing needed to make it happen. Meanwhile, the Missouri General Assembly–currently a super majority comprised mostly of Tea Party extremists–has done everything in their power to pass some of the most radical pro-gun laws in the nation, including a measure that would strip local ordinances, including Kansas City, from prohibiting anyone with a valid concealed carry permit from open carrying.

According to the Kansas City Star:“[Mayor James] said aggressive open carrying of weapons can be intimidating for customers and bad for business, and he pointed out that the tourist town of Lake Ozark has also voted for such a ban, even by those with a concealed carry permit.”

Lake Ozark, Missouri, a large tourist destination, took action last month to ban the open carry of firearms to avoid scaring tourists.

Coincidentally, just days ago a man entered a south Kansas City Walmart open carrying. Not surprisingly, a customer freaked and 911 was dialed.

The measure tentatively approved on Wednesday would also bring the city’s law prohibiting intoxicated individuals from carrying firearms in line with state law, because the Teahadist Missouri General Assembly saw fit to allow intoxicated individuals to carry firearms. The one stipulation is that the intoxicated individual can’t do anything negligent with the gun which makes perfect sense, because drunks never commit negligent acts.

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