Kansas Creationists fail. Again… – VIDEO





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Tyler Lalonde

I can’t stand people that throw out any evidence we put up to dispute their claims. My friends is a mix he’s Christian but also loves learning more about science. But he had creation books in his bathroom that jusy flat out lie! I don’t believe in a god like Christians do but I do believe that something is up since for us to have this discussion the universe has to be created. But not like how they think. That’s why I Don’t say their is no God but the universe is mine though. I just hope to understand it… Read more »


I would have guessed something like 120… and been wrong. But anyway, I
live in Kansas. It’s depressing some days.


I have a question. If I was a student in school and while I didnt believe
in the bible I also didnt belive in Darwinian evolution and refused in
acknowledging that nonsense would I be penalized? If so, do you think I
should be? 

Mega-Buster Shepard

The Bible is a creation of the Emperor Constantine and the early church. Created by them to enforce one version of the religion. Beforehand there were thousands of different books of inspired writings. We only have the one we do today because the leaders branded all others as heresy, For all we know the Gnostics were right and Judas worked on behalf of Jesus. Not to mention even within the gospels themselves it showed divisions in the church, see Peter vs Paul. Christianity as a result is a religion you can read anything into. As such it can be interpreted… Read more »


In addition to all the English versions of the *canon* Bible, there is also
the collection of non-canonical books known as the Apocrypha, which
consists of 14 books totalling 5,705 verses and 139,275 words.

Kröte nschemel

My guess would have been in the hundreds are around today. There are several translation from and into several languages, then there’s a lot of cash-in going on with edited versions of it. Every now and then a new version is released. Still which version pretty much depends on what you count as a “version” as it’s an old book. For example there’s one version designed for “feminists”, which doesn’t adress god as male or female, yet satan stays male. Anyway, who ever did say the bible was the word of god in the first place? It’s a canon of… Read more »


Any christian would say that their version is the correct one…I guess
they just got lucky and managed to get it right out of the 450 versions.
Another fun fact is that there are over 41,000 versions of christianty to
go with those books. Guess god couldn’t make up his mind, lol.

Mark Smith

The inconsistencies between the Bibles (probably just the main originals)
are so great that a biblical expert gave up Christianity- he just couldn’t
reconcile the differences. 

stoffelero 1978

the bible was written and rewritten by history so many times its become impossible to take anything from it serious, its been written hundreds and hundreds of years after the events described in it by people who were promoting the thing, its like trying to take a modern tvsoap serious, although some people do take them serious confusing fiction with reality, i’d rather believe in the easter bunny than in something from the bible, i call it the book of lies, most parts of the bible are even based on stories of other, older religions meaning they were literally copied… Read more »

al dipschwitz

I believe a few thousand, if you can consider different users of the same
bible can change what ever notes they want, and that some have been lost to
time. Especially considering there was once a time when EVERY bible was
handwritten, so they all had differences( shortening of things to save
scribes work, which might have lead to the bibles today).


Off the top of my head I’d say ten.

Gvantsa Tandilashvili

There are so many versions of the Bible. Didn’t know that number was that
high until you said it… And parts were put in or taken out throughout

Josh Head

1,000’s of bibles


Well, you see, the LORD saw this problem coming. Which bible constitutes
the unquestionable word of GOD is defined by you native language. If it’s
English, it’s OBVIOUSLY King James’. If it’s German, that would be Martin
Luthers original translation. Duh. So obvious. *cough*


The “right” version is whichever one Yahweh wrote “IM DA KING 5EVAH” in
ethereal glittery pink pen on the first page. :P


Either you have liver damage or maybe you need to adjust the color settings
on your recordings. The yellow!


1000 something. but i heard that from someone else. many famous people
modified the bible to fit their culture so… its possible the numbers
could be higher given the number of cultures the world have


Shit I overestimated because of how surprised you guys are


450….wow God needed an editor more then George R R Martin :)


Well shit. I was a little off on my answer


My answer was 8 lol


3000? Ya I kinda cheated by looking at the comments


I’m a Christian. I guessed about 500 or so because of all the languages in the world. If you mean there are actually 400 something different versions in English, then I would say the false ones are false and the true ones are true. Not drumming up an argument. I enjoy watching your RPG Pondering vids and just started to watch your other ones. For example, not to start a fight with Mormons, but they think they The Book Of Mormon is to be read along with the Bible – it is not. It has so many false statements, their… Read more »


Umm. Gonna guess 5 versions

Alderick van Klaveren

Hmmmm…. 106?