“Kirk Cameron And Ray Comfort Debate Atheists” – VIDEO


Kirk Cameron And Ray Comfort Debate Atheists The Way of The Master Living Waters


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Dolly Shipton

The Bible: Because a book written by a bunch of men that didn't know where the sun went at night, must have all the answers…

Clelia Winkel

Kirk Cameron was CLEARLY never an atheist. He claimed he "loved sin". No atheist would EVER say that. I don't believe for a moment that he's doing what he does for anything but the money

Joni Housel

If Comfort doesn't believe in evolution, why does he have a yearly flu jab ?

Alexis Montalvan

its a sin to eat a coconut because its not created by god the only fruit that is created by god is a banana all the other fruits are sinful dont eat strawberries yall

Leia Womble

Ah, I think my brain cells are dying just listening to Ray Comfort.