Koch-backed group resorts to what is basically mail fraud…


Koch-Backed Group Sending Out Phony Mailers

The purpose is to confuse people about registering in the Illinois governor race.  The group’s activities have already led to an investigation in North Carolina where they sent out incorrect information about how to register to vote. Jennifer Odom (pictured) received a misleading mailing addressed to her deceased toddler.

The Kochs’ Americans for Prosperity must have decided they need to do some “voter information” in what’s an awfully tight race for governor in Illinois. According to the Daily Kos Elections Outlook, there’s about a 4-point spread between Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn and Republican Bruce Rauner. Enter AFP to try to create a little chaos in the election. And like in North Carolina, where they sent hundreds of thousands of fraudulent mailers, they’re upsetting people by sending mailers to their dead loved ones.

The phony mailers tell people they have to register to vote.

All over the state, people have been calling their county clerks to find out if they really do have to re-register, because all of the mailings from AFP are meant to look like they’re coming from elections officials. They’re also wondering why their dead relatives are getting these letters, because they’re going to a lot of deceased people. Which means elections officials are having to make a lot of apologies, even though they’re not responsible for the confusion. Says Shelby County Clerk Jessica Fox, “[w]e would never do anything, for lack of a better term, as tacky as to open up these old wounds.”



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