RWW: Racist Dickwad Klayman: ‘Traitor’ Obama Would Have Been Impeached By Now If He Weren’t Black – VIDEO


Larry Klayman, the right-wing lawyer who is currently suing President Obama for endangering his life as a white man, claimed on Friday that the $400 million sent to Iran earlier this year was motivated by the “half-Muslim” and “anti-Semitic” president’s “affinity for Iran,” claiming that the “traitor” Obama would have been impeached by now if he weren’t black.

Implying that a shipment of cash to Iran, which conservatives have falsely claimed was a ransom payment for U.S. hostages, was worse than the Reagan-era Iran-Contra scandal, Klayman said that the whole thing was driven by Obama’s father’s Muslim faith. (Obama’s father was actually, according to some reports, an atheist.)

“Look, he’s half-Muslim, he associates with his father, he wrote a book extolling the virtues of his father … so he feels some affinity for Iran, and he’s acted that way at the expense of Israel,” Klayman told Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg. “They’re now on the verge of nuclear weapons if they don’t already have it. And it’s totally consistent with his, frankly, anti-Semitic behavior and anti-Israeli behavior for the last seven years.”

Klayman added the president is also a “traitor” for having publicly criticized GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“Now, suppose Donald Trump actually wins the election. What has he done? He’s undercut the United States,” he said. “This man, frankly, is a traitor to our country. If he had been anything other than African-American — and I don’t mean to cast aspersions on African-Americans, we have many colleagues that are that way and actually stand for really good values — but he would have been impeached and convicted by now. He’s a traitor to this country, Steve, and we’ve seen it over and over again and this is the latest example of it.”



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Impeached for what exactly? From an outsiders perspective, Barry Obama is the most responsible, civilised, eloquent and compassionate POTUS I’ve seen in my life time.
(Are you sure the bloke with the mic isn’t Jerry Springer? Looks a hell of alot like him)

Impeached for being black, helloooooooo?? 😛

Hahaha! He looks more cinnamon to me than black. The FLOTUS is blacker than he and I think she is down to Earth yet regal at the same time. I have high hopes for Hillary but I’d be happy to see another term from Bazza, he looks like he’s doing what he can for all Muricans. He was great when he came to Australia. It was like he was on holiday and he seemed to have fun here. He was very respectful to us.

He’s mixed race (like me), his mother was white, but you know what they say… one drop rule.

He’s also a pretty worldly guy, having spent time around the world while growing up.

Trust me, he’ll be missed when he’s gone.

One drop rule? Then that makes us all part black. Scientist’s concur that humanity as we know it originated in Africa.

I’m always curious as to what admin of groups like this look like and what their story is. Maybe introduce yourself to the group sometime.

I used to admin a group called ‘Growing up in Australia in the 70s’ but I got so bogged down with checking out and approving add requests and adjudicating in-fights that it did my head in so I passed it on. So good on you for running this one.

If you go to the main blog: you’ll see a bio page. I’m not all that anonymous… 😀

BTW, I hear ya on the hassles of being an admin. I work online, so this is essentially a nice way to take a break and distract myself when I need a break. 😀

Quite honestly Tony, that was really interesting. You’ve been around the block a few times, hey! Not at all warped or misguided your writing aspirations. You gave an outline of your story very well. I’d happily read more.
With all your experience traveling have you made it to Australia? I’m always interested in others opinion of us. Even in the communication age where international travel is relatively easy we still feel somewhat cut off from the rest of the ‘Western world’.

Why thanks, glad it didn’t bore the shit out of ya! 😀 I’ll hopefully start cracking on some book ideas soon, so be careful what you wish for. 🙂 And yes, I’ve been to Oz, spent 5 weeks there all around Queensland in late 2013, and loved every minute of it. Can’t wait to see the rest of it! 🙂 I have lots of Ozzie friends along with some transplants who live out there. My gf and I are actually considering heading to AU and NZ later this year when we return to SE Asia for another go-round. We spent… Read more »

Sorry mate, what do you mean by transplants here? Queensland is a great holiday destination. Far North QLD has some of the oldest growth rainforest left on the planet. I live in a tiny village down the bottom end of Aus in an area known as the Macedon Ranges. I spent far too many years in the city and just bumming around and I’ve come here pretty much to take early retirement. Here’s a taste if you’re interested.

“Transplants” as in non-Aussies who now live in Oz. You know, immigrants! 🙂

I made it as far north as Cape Tribulation, and thought that was pretty awesome. Hope to cover more ground next time. Where you live looks pretty amazing too. I remember reading about Macedon, not too far out of Melbourne. Will definitely want to check those parts out next time!

You must have alot of stamina to have done so much traveling and still plan to do more. Melbourne is my home city. It is probably the most interesting city to foreign travellers but you don’t come to Aus for it’s cities, our wilderness, fauna and flora makes all those miles worth traveling, in my opinion.
If you’re coming to Victoria can I suggest you look into traveling along the Great Ocean Road? From pristine beaches to even more rain forest regions it’s superb.

Thanks for your interest and kind words about Aus. Not all American’s make such good travelers here. I even had one tell me not to call him mate because it annoyed him. That’s sacrilege to an Aussie. But with your attitude I hope you and your lady feel welcome.

Anyway, thanks for the link to your main blog. I’ll check it out again sometime. ☺

His great reasoning ability.

Barack. Not Barry.

In all fairness, Michelle calls him Barry. 🙂

Trust me Nick, I know a lot of Americans who just should never get on a plane. 😛

Lucky for me, most of them don’t. 🙂

I’ll let you know if we get out to your neck of the woods when we’re there. 🙂

Oh, and thanks for the add’l pics and the travel tips! I’ll definitely keep them in mind!

Okay, never heard it before. Thought it was a mistake. If it was an endearment, I fully appreciate it!

Nick definitely wasn’t knocking Pres. Obama. Besides, he’s Australian, they abbreviate everything. 😉

Sure, I’d be glad to show off my little patch of the world to you and your partner. Do you keep travel journals? If so they may be good basis for your writings.
I enjoy reading American travel writer Bill Bryson. His books are indepth, sharp and often very funny.

G’day again,
I won’t keep doing this to you I promise but herebis somewhere else you may want to experience if you visit Victoria. In the rainforest of the Dandenong Ranges one man, William Ricketts, created this sanctury over decades. I’m not a sook but the first time I visited I got choked up and chills. It’s like natures cathedral in honour of Indigenous Aussies.