Let’s review the 6 absolute dumbest government shutdown myths…



The 6 Dumbest Government Shutdown Myths


| Wed Oct. 9, 2013 3:00 AM PDT

The government shutdown is awful. It’s awful in a lot of different ways—to kids with cancer, to firefighters, to domestic violence centers, to goats. Another way in which this awful manifests itself is through a parade of misinformation and bad memes about what’s going on during this impasse. Here are six of the dumbest myths you’ve probably heard about the government shutdown: 

1. Obama closed the ocean.

On Saturday, Breitbart’s Mike Flynn posted a piece, titled “Feds Try to Close the Ocean Because of Shutdown”, that reads, “before the weekend, the National Park Service informed charter boat captains in Florida that the Florida Bay was ‘closed’ due to the shutdown.” A bunch of people started tweeting about how Obama had shut down the ocean, including this Republican congressman from Arizona:

And on Monday, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly had the cast of Fox’s The Five on her new show to talk about what Miley Cyrus looks like when she twerks, but also about Obama closing the ocean.

Barack Obama did not close the ocean. Officials are indeed restricting access (fishing, for instance) to Florida Bay, a body of water that’s part of a national park. Florida Bay encompasses roughly a half-million acres, but exceptions are being made for transit, access for emergencies, and access for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to monitor the population of algae. “[I]t’s an exaggeration to state that Obama has tried to shut down the entire ocean—or even to suggest that he has shuttered the Atlantic Ocean or all of the waters in the Keys,” PolitiFact.com concludes. “Tourists and locals can continue to fish, swim and play in the ocean, even in the Keys.”

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