Let’s take a closer look at all of those heathen shitholes, what do ya’ think?…


What Are The Most Atheist Countries? | NowThis World

Religion has played a major role in the development of the culture and society, but in recent years, more and more countries have turned their backs on the whole idea of believing in a central diety. So, which countries are the most atheist, and why?



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Lee Hong Jin

Personally, I am an Athiest Asian, and in my country, I have seen several times Christian's handling out bibles to passerbys. I literally wanted to go RIP the bibles.
As a proud Asian, I feel disgusted by Asian Christian's. I have no problems with most other religions because they are native to the area, such as Buddhism and Islam.

Prayaansh Mehta

Thank god I am not the only atheist in the world


England is becoming an atheist country.
The Church of England has recently decided that we are not required to go to Church every Sunday any more, which sounds like a poor business decision to me, or maybe God has changed his mind ?
On the other hand, giving a free choice is in keeping with the free will argument.

Jack Armstronng

god says:I'm nearer to you more than your neck's vessel.I don't know how you can call something bad or something good if there's no god.kill innocent people there's no god who is going to judge you


i think the region with the lowest education and IQs, tend to have the highest percentage of deity believers.

Philip Anderegg

Shintoism has many Gods, including a creator God called Yami, as well the legend of izanagi and izanami, the two who created the island of Japan. While there are people who don't believe in the deistic perspective of shintoism and only practice the rituals, I do believe it's incorrect to say that Shinto is atheist given that there are many gods. They also have several religious texts, but the most prominent is the kogiki.


No. China has never been, and likely will never be, Communist. The Chinese elites call their complete control of governance "communist" to lend it some semblance of respectability; it has none, and the US government calls this de facto dictatorship "communism" to scare Americans away from anything resembling democracy and/or shared societal rights/responsibilities. So please: stop calling China, or the old Soviet Union "communist" they are/were nothing of the sort. Otherwise this seems factual and was interesting!

Romulo Barcellos

As an Atheist, I would like to state that I really enjoyed the video. However, I would like to make a comment on the content. Different terms to define religious groups are emerging every day and some definitions are still cloudy. But, as you mentioned Positive Atheism, which can be also named Anti Theism, it is important to mention the simple term Atheism sometimes called weak Atheism. Simple Atheism is "the lack of belief in a god or gods". It is not the positive claim that there are no gods, but the lack of belief for there is no evidence… Read more »

hevar ali

Atheist is not an adjective, it should be *What are the most atheistic/atheistical countries.

Nikolaus Nurlan

China doesn’t ignore , their religion is $€£¥

Curious Researcher

North Korea is atheist, and North Korea is the only country originally founded on atheism

Haze Draco

Atheism isn't a religion, it's the lack of religion


Problems I had with this video: – Atheists were labelled as a religious group, even though by definition, atheists are not religious. – Atheism was defined very incorrectly. Atheism is not the belief that god doesn't exist; it is a lack of a belief that god exists. In other words, we are not convinced by the claim that god exists, so we do not believe it. But we do not actively claim that god doesn't exist!I know that the narrator called it positive atheism, so technically his definition would have been correct but it is very misleading nonetheless. First of… Read more »

TaTsu DucK

Well here in the Philippines, I'm lonely ;(

Mrs M&M

You accent is so difficult to fallow! You speak so fast in some uncommon words and then you change and speak so slowly and pouse in not important words or frases.

infinity gameplay

All you people stop saying that god doesn't exist. First of all you athiests think that you are put in this world out of no where? And that the earth was created by no one? Ok well then why do we born and why do we die? Because this world is a test from allah (Saw) there is no god but allah, and muhammed (peace be upon him) is the last prophet.

Dave Marco Odevilas

Just thanks religion that there less crime
Thanks for creating allahu ahkbar
And thanks for not advancing our technology

YAZZilingCorner2478 [The Unkown Potatoe]

"Most Atheist Countires Are in Asia"

I'm sure Indonesia is one of them.

36 maximilianmus

No country of the thumbnail has shown here , this is clickbait

ValCross 10

first why you circle indonesia we have a loot of religion but indoesia only notice 5 religoion so they are not atheis if you say you are atheis in indonesia you dead


Sweden is even more Atheist btw. only about 14% believe in god, mostly Muslim immigrants.

Phil Swift

God can’t be proved, but not dis-proved…