Like me Dammit!! LIKE ME!!!!


 As part of my solemn promise to “take things up a notch”… I hereby announce my self-serving, ego-lifting, seemingly pointless Facebook Fan Page!

Being the raving social-media maven that I am, I probably should have jumped on the “Fan Page” bandwagon way back, you know, when FB was still “cool”.

Oddly, though… I didn’t really have a need for one. And I needed another web outlet to manage like I needed another hate email from one of my former catholic high-school classmates.

Anyway, funny thing. Wouldn’t ya know it, I finally did find a purpose for a proper FB fan page, so Voila! I’ll be using it to share FB-only content, and other stuff that I may deem share-worthy to the peoples. It will also serve as a way to beef up this blog’s exposure.

So yeah, if you like any of the stuff I’ve spewed forth on this thing thus far, and if it doesn’t kill ya, give the brother a like, a plus, retweet, or a share. 

And if you’re one of those people that I tend to piss off with my rantings against everything you hold dear, just give me one too. That’ll show me. 🙂


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