Well, you can’t say that GOP asshole Lindsey Graham isn’t specific about his base… – VIDEO

Lindsey Graham: ‘White Men In Male-Only Clubs Will Do Great If I’m President’ (Video)

South Carolina GOP Senator Lindsey Graham is apparently toying with the idea of running for president in 2016, and was overheard on tape making some amusing jokes – or perhaps Freudian slips – about a potential run on audio tapes obtained by CNN.

Graham was speaking at an all-male club in Charleston called the Hibernian Society, and made some off-color jokes to a friendly, giggly audience. Firstly, he can be heard on the audio apologizing for how “f*cked up” the government is. He skipped over the part where he blamed himself and his party’s role in that, of course.

And then he says, “If I get to be the president, white men in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency.”

Graham may have been joking, but honestly, he’s right. Under a Republican presidency, there is no question that white males – even the ones not in male-only clubs – are going to do well. Or at least better than any other demographic. Especially wealthy white males. If Graham and a potential Republican-Congress congress have their way, they would attempt to dismantle as many social programs as they could, end affirmative action, shred unions, deport undocumented immigrants, and curtail LGBT rights. Oh, and cut taxes for the wealthy.

So which demographic do you think will benefit the most, and/or suffer the least, from those policies? Do we even have to answer that?

Listen to Graham entertain his crooning audience below, courtesy of CNN.

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