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Ugh the ignorance…. cant.. share… planet with these….

What has happened to education.. …it seems to be producing ignorant dumb fucks….

It’s quite clear that this clown’s body is less than perfect.

Evolution is more than a theory it is fact. It is definitely not a guess. It is only called a theory because that is how we classify the study of it because we are still learning more about it all the time. Creation is not even a good theory, it is a wag (wild ass guess) and it is not supported by logic and facts. It is only supported by a book created by manipulative people from the past as a means to control the masses. People who practice religion have fallen into a trap and I pity them. When… Read more »

Our human bodies are perfect? Oh except that we can drown In an inch of water. Oh and choke to death through the same tube we breathe out of. Oh and there are animals who have better vision than us. Oh and animals that are stronger than us. Oh and animals that are faster than us. I could go on.

I didn’t know my body was perfect. I’ll just return these glasses.

It’s like sitting in the back row watching a ball game and thinking you’re really playing.

Sad deluded fool

Wow, sleeping in science class has been good to this poor idiot.

Absolute perfection of our bodies? These fragile, disease ridden at times, flawed bodies?