Looks like Florida and Texas have some serious competition these days…




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Is this true..???

maybe he’s bitter because he hasn’t had any good oral sex? someone give his man a blowjob

Is this for real ? I don’t think the rest of us really want want to go with out and obey to be as unhappy as his guy .

Nut jobs

For crying out loud, aren’t there more important things to worry about?

Fucking hell, the U.S is away to fuck altogether.

Is this for real?

Mark Lee very good one ha!

For the very first time I’ll be glad to have committed a felony and obviously all here are; congratulations you are happy people…

Guilty as charged and loving it!!!!!

Still in the grips of resection and on the brink of war dick heads like this try to push right wing religious bull shit…

What a total fucking a$$hole! He should hook up with Ted Nugget, then the ultimate “dueling cheeks” duo could storm the country ???

Lol. Bangin your sister is still OK though. Just don’t get freaky.


I have a question how the F are they going to know any of this is going on?


Anyone heard the Jefferson quote: “The government you elect is the government you deserve” ?

What a dick

Is he for real or just plain crazy and in need of sectioning?