Makin’ some changes around here…


Ok, so it happened again…  

This meme I posted last night was deleted by FB, and got me blocked yet again for half a day:

Was it us mocking Jesus or Tebow??

Was it us mocking Jesus or Tebow??

This is the 5th or 6th time for me, and quite frankly, I’m sick of this censorship shit.

Inexplicably, Facebook seems to think that they can just act arbitrarily without any rhyme or reason based on complaints made by believer trolls. It’s the worst kind of censorship, since it’s not even based on any sound criteria.  

So, it’s time for a bit of a paradigm shift here on Holes in the Foam… 

For the past year or so, Facebook has been the primary channel for posting our non-blog updates. That changes effective today. 

After some serious hacking and implementation, I’ve set up our blog to be more automated with posting to Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, as well as Facebook. This will give our content/sharing updates greater redundancy. Over time, it should make us less dependent on Facebook’s antics and keep our content visible and accessible to everyone.  

From now on, all posts (or selected posts based on content) will go simultaneously to all of these channels, without depending on what happens with the FB page. 

I’m doing this to keep it possible for our content to be seen as well as commented on. Tumblr seems to be FAR less prone to whiny trolls’ complaints, as does Pinterest. Again, I’m fucking sick of Facebook’s ridiculousness of just blocking/banning content without reason, then citing incredibly arbitrary/vague “community standards”.

Some images will post directly on our FB page, while others (any we deem to be subject to scrutiny by FB) will just go to a link on our blog or Tumblr (we’ll try different ways and styles, so bear with me if you see some funky stuff). I’ll be experimenting with various syndication and posting methods and strategies in the coming couple of weeks, so please bear with me. And most of all, give me your FEEDBACK! 

So, hope you stick with us, despite the inconveniences brought on by Facebook’s actions. You can find our links to our other channels on the right sidebar, so be sure to get linked up with us!

As always, we appreciate your support and feedback during these challenges and attempts to silence us!




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