Maybe there’s a plan to hit the brakes just before the UK reaches the edge of the cliff in about 3 months after all…


Cabinet Talk of a Second Brexit Referendum!

And the first cabinet minister emerges with a tentative push at testing the temperature of the second EU referendum water.

The work and pension secretary, Amber Rudd, told ITV that a second referendum would be a ‘plausible’ route to take if the deadlock in parliament over Brexit remained.

And she did, of course, insert the obligatory ‘I-don’t-really-want-another-referendum’ type statement into it as well.

Now the avenues that Remainers can use to reverse Brexit have narrowed right down and, with 99 days to go to Brexit Day, time is not on their side. So I don’t think Amber Rudd will be the last to say that we really, really don’t want to do this, but we have no choice so we’re going to have to impose another EU referendum on the long-suffering people of the UK.

“It’s being forced on us!” Our politicians will wail.

I would expect to see this move gain traction quite quickly in Westminster as they see Theresa May’s deal collapse in the so-called meaningful vote and as the ‘Project-Terrify-The-People-out-of-WTO’ intensifies as never before.

Well I say intensify, what I really mean is old discredited claims of Brexit Armageddon, or Brexageddon, will just be regurgitated and repeated more quickly and at an ever greater volume.

Then will come the discussions about how they get it done.

Would it be a rush job before the 29th March and hope to get a proper meaningful result?

Probably not, even agreeing the question would take weeks. Therefore then, on to the question of how to buy more time.

Only two options there:

Extend Article 50, or revoke Article 50 completely. And with recent EU intransigence there really is only the unilateral revocation option open to them.

In fact the EU27 may decide to refuse an extension to Article 50 in order to force our politicians into making this decision. After all it would be tantamount to an act of surrender by the UK to the might of the EU! And the Eurocrats would endlessly crow about it and empty the Brussels wine cellars of Champagne, while UK Remainers would be leaping for joy at their minority movement beating the majority.

So the UK political classes would have to get the Establishment spin machine turning at its fastest ever speeds to try and convince us all that, although it completely reverses Brexit, it will only be somehow temporary and will somehow respect the 2016 referendum result … somehow.

Then, if they can justify it in their own Westminster bubble minds, they would revoke Article 50 and Brexit would be completely reversed.

I would then expect to hear phrase like: ‘we must pause and think’, ‘we need time to heal the nation’, ‘we must review legislation to make sure the next referendum is completely fair’, ‘we must concentrate on long neglected domestic issues for the next parliamentary year’, and of course ‘the NHS has suffered while we have concentrated on Brexit, we have much to fix there’ etc etc etc – all designed to slow any remaining referendum progress to a mere glacial pace. Then it will be ‘we don’t really want to do all that again do we?’ And all because they don’t trust us to give the right answer the next time, do they?

This must not be allowed to happen as it would make a mockery of our claim to be democracy.



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Jeff Taylor


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David Ward

if they decide to have one they won't be able to agree the question, so will have to have one to decide on what question to ask.
Whilst they are organizing it they might as well have one to see if people think they deserve the money they are given.

Chill Pill

The unspeakable in pursuit of the unreachable.
Oh not another stupid woman.


Amber 'Dudd' is very close to her authoritarian-globalist mentor Theresa the Appeaser.



Chris Bailey

Just shows you what most switched on people have known for years, that politicians know they are a protected class that can and does do exactly what they want with impunity, why are the majority of politicians fighting to keep us locked in the EU, because they know what the true purpose of the EU was set up for from day one, and that is to slowly and surly take away your right to determine the future of your nation and country, STOP voting for them they are all the same be it Lab, Con, Lib, Green or SNP !


They will never offer leave as an option again that you can be certain. It will be remain on brino

Robert Brown

Wow Jeff, that's the sort of scenario that keeps Brexiteers awake at night. However I hope on this occasion you are wrong and that enough of us ensure TM, the cabinet and MPs know we will not tolerate this destruction of the democracy.

Mr Anonymous

Our government is treasonous.
In such a situation it is clear what the appropriate response is, which I think the government and millions of people in Britain do not realistically see coming.
Civil war.

Andy Hiscock

Won't it all be too late by the time they return? By the time they have prepared it we would have left. After all again and again May has said there will be no second referendum and IIRC A50 says an extension has to be agreed by all member states.


If this obscenity actually goes ahead – which will never be allowed by any in the UK who have the guts to deserve their citizenship – just try volunteering to count votes without being a known remainer! No way on earth these vile people would permit a fair vote.

siddle jack

Stupid woman Amber Rudd is a crazy she shout
led not be in politics she does not like democracy

Bruce Robb

Only if they want a permanent state of unrule. As for Rudd – not an MP after the next GE.

Bruce Savage

What has happened to the people of England who simply took politicians that betrayed the people and hung them from a lamp post. Present politicians are not only betraying the voters but are trying to create a civil war, and they know it.

john whitlock

Democracy in name only. They will revoke article 50.

mark the spark

war is coming


They don't want to give anybody the opportunity to vote "out" again. A "2nd Referendum" (that is only one in numbered order, not e real 2nd referendum that would be a repeat of the 1st, i.e. "In" or "Out") will not give the choice to go; only remain or stay tied to the EU. Stay or stay will be the options or we'll revoke Article 50 in any case!

Sue Hughes-parry