McConnell resorts to pandering to try to win re-election. Anyone else shocked? – VIDEO


McConnell Pledges More Abortion Restrictions If GOP Wins Senate In Mid-Terms (VIDEO)

Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) struck an ominous tone for progressives over the weekend, promising to ramp up the Republican war on women with even more restrictive abortion laws across the nation if the GOP wins the majority in the Senate in the November 2014 mid-terms;

“I’m proud of my record and defense of life. If I was majority leader, we’d already have had a vote on it in the Senate. It’s long past time for us to join the ranks of most other civilized nations to protect children past 20 weeks in the womb.”

Speaking at a National Right to Life Convention, the Kentucky senator used his appearance to campaign against Democratic challenger Alison Grimes, urging those in attendance to give him his vote and reminding them that, should the Republicans win the majority in the Senate, he would be a top candidate for the leadership.

A recent study by Pew Research reveals that Kentucky represents a handful of southern red states that are trending in the opposite direction as the rest of the nation on legalized abortion, saying “the region is the only one in which opposition to legal abortion has significantly increased since the mid-1990s.”

Watch via WHAS11


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He is not only turtly enough for the turtle club , he is the corrupt head.