Meet the new suffragettes…


These women Democrats wore white to Trump’s State of the Union address 2019 to stand with suffragettes who ‘refused to take no for an answer.’

Today, we stand together wearing white in solidarity with the women of the suffrage movement who refused to take no for an answer. Women had to march, make demands and fight for right for the voice and have the right to vote. The women’s movement was full of fighters who refused to be treated as second class citizens, but still today, 100 years after women received the right to vote, the battle continues.

Our very existence, it seems, is resistance in light of the times we find ourselves in.

This White House administration has tried to close its doors on women, but we will not be locked out. The administration that has closed its eyes to women, we will be seen. To an administration that refuse to listen to us, we will be heard. We will continue to fight for equal pay for equal work, access to quality health care. We will fight against sexual harassment and sexual violence, and we will continue to fight to raise women and their families out of poverty. We stand together to make a message that’s very clear:

DELAURO: We are not shying away. We are fighting back.

When President Trump gives his state of the union, when he looks at the Democratic side of the House, he will see a wave of of suffragette white.

We are here to let every woman in America know we’ve got your back. And we are not backing down, and we will continue to fight for every woman in America.

In 2019, we celebrated historic number of women in Congress, but still we’re only 25% of the decision makers who sit under the dome adorned by Lady Freedom, when women today represent 50% of this country.

Have you ever thought about every time our country tries to create an image that reflects our democracy, it’s in the form of a woman, so think about Justice in this country. It’s a woman who is blindfolded and holding the scales. Think of the statue of freedom. It’s a woman with a sword and a wreath in her hand. Think about when we talk about our country and the diversity and inclusion and being welcoming, it’s a woman—the Statue of Liberty. /// Every time they try to pull the soul and the dignity and the passion of this country together, it’s on the arms and shoulders of a woman.

The state of women is, was, and will be strong.

We will continue to be the voice, the compassion and the driving voice of this democracy.



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Deepthi Vemparala

I believe you…

winston moore

You know God is here too, right ?

Rowebot Radio

They only cheered when they were cheering for themselves. I was a bit sad to see that.

Kelly Kruger

Notice they only cheered for themselves and not for veterans, minorities or the disabled.

Kelly Kruger

They forgot their white hoods to symbolize the history of their party.

Kelly Kruger

I thought they were being fitted for straight jackets. Crazy libs.

Sulim Chew

Did president trump stop woman to vote ??

A Imperial Guard

Alright let see…

-A woman can easily commit assault agains a man and get away free, and say it empowering, but if a man hit back even in self-defense is considered "gender violence".
-In terms of health care they resive 1.5 more money than men, 2.5 in the case of cancer.
-In most states the only made half the sentence for a crime unlike men.
-In the large majority of divorce courts the judge always appeal to the woman, the same goes for child custody.

And the list goes on from here, so how exactly are womans not represented and supported by goberment again???

Parker Stewart

“We will fight for women” “we are not going to leave” “we want equality”! What is this that these democrats are saying they’re fighting for then they say the White House “has closed their doors on women” but honestly this is a social issue nothing the White House can do without making women being above men in terms of pay and benefits which would then be unfair and what is it they are fighting for the video doesn’t clear why these people wore the white suites other than equality, however they don’t state a specific problem women face, The gender… Read more »

Isaac Vazquez

Democrats dressed in white? Where had I seen that before?


These dishwashers are talking

#Glenn #Quagmire

What a bunch of idiots.

jesse j

I hope a woman never becomes president.


Democrats representing their KKK cousins

Alex Boricua

This is what trump doesn’t understand.
You see what happens when dictatorship tries to be in power?
All this control and bullyness from trump is just making everyone come together as one.

mark navarro

They did it because they are idiots

Terry S

Return to the patriarchy please!

christian gonzalez

They wore white because Democrat party used to be supported by KKK


Lol the battle continues

Terry S

The women in white are in solidarity with their KKK brother in Virginia