Don’t ask me to explain it, but Megyn Kelly is on a bitchslapping rampage. This time, with Ted Cruz… – VIDEO


Megyn Kelly Strips Ted Cruz Of His Dignity Over Stupid Debate Demands, And It’s Fantastic (VIDEO)

It’s difficult as a liberal blogger to take Megyn Kelly’s side on anything. This is the woman who devoted her entire show to pictures of Chris Stevens being dragged through the streets and re-hashing every debunked claim on the planet about Libya the day Hillary Clinton owned the Benghazi Committee for eleven hours. She’s the same woman who was so outraged over the fact that black kids might be okay with a black Santa that she declared that Santa Claus is in fact as white as Jesus Christ.

Let that sink in a moment.

Every so often, however, Megyn Kelly has a moment of clarity. Her exchanges with Donald Trump during and after the first GOP debate were nothing short of epic. She handled herself with dignity and grace and handed The Donald his ass. It was some of the most genuine Megyn the public has ever seen. She had another one of those on Tuesday’s edition of The Kelly File, when Ted Cruz, doing what Ted Cruz does, spouted off some absurdities about who should and shouldn’t moderate GOP debates.

Cruz says that liberal Democrats shouldn’t be able to moderate Republican primary debates. His litmus test would be simple: If you’ve never voted in a Republican primary you are disqualified from moderating. As he was saying it, you could see Kelly getting annoyed.

That’s when the magic you’re about to see happened. Megyn Kelly grilled Cruz on who she would have to send her qualifications to, what primaries Bret Baier and Chris Wallace have voted in, and last but certainly not least, if Cruz would really be opposed to being moderated by Tim Russert, one of the best debate moderators of all time and a noted liberal Democrat.

Cruz stumbled and stammered in typical Ted fashion, trying to maintain the last shred of dignity Kelly left him for the next topic. Megyn Kelly proved once again that she is good for at least four minutes of honest television per year.

Watch Megyn Kelly destroy Ted Cruz’s ridiculous debate demand below:

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I think FOX is bummed that Scott Walker never got any traction so they are, in effect, taking their ball and going home. They’ve very obviously had a couple favorites, and do their best to make the rest look stupid. #nothardtodo