A message to all kooky believers who think atheists just want to sin… courtesy of Darkmatter – VIDEO


Yes, you really do sound this stupid… when you tell someone that they’re an atheist because they want to sin. 



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“no I believe that evolution just gives a reason to practice eugenics”

Sure, it does. Do you believe it is moral to act in ways that ensure that the genes for cystic fibrosis and Huntingtons’ spread into the entire population? I don’t. Eugenics is a moral necessity and a fantastic way to increase human happiness.


“So… What your saying is. Gods real because Cops, STD’s, pregnancy, the ground, are very real.”

No he is saying that if atheists really didn’t believe in God because they just want an excuse to sin, then why wouldn’t they use the same reasoning in other situations like the people in this video.

Don Jr

No, some theists actually do try saying that the only reason atheists don’t believe is because they just want to “sin”.
“So… What your saying is. Gods real…”
No, he’s not saying that at all, you’ve simply missed the point of the video entirely.
“Then you change your premise…”
Nope, he showed how silly it is to say that’s why atheists don’t believe.
“The thing your still not believing in Is real and true.”
Provide actual evidence for this and I may have a reason to believe you.


When theists say atheists don’t believe because the want to sin, they are not claiming that such belief is effective. They are claiming that disbelief “frees” atheists to sin. (Of course it doesn’t, because atheists morality doesn’t stem from an imaginary god) This video really misses their point, which could potentially be valid. For example, a gay person might have an incentive to disbelieve in a homophobic god. Theists aren’t suggesting that would be effective.


I don’t believe in tiny tits. 


You can’t figure out on your own that if you hit someone there’s a good chance that someone is going to hit you back? You need the threat of hell to keep you being a good person? I don’t. I see need, and I try to fill it. If someone needs clothes, I make donations. If someone needs to borrow money, I lend it. I do these things because I live in a society where doing good is rewarded with good (even if it’s just feelings) and doing bad is punished with bad. It’s not that hard to figure out.

David Lewis

“oh, I’m so sorry god, for raping, torturing and murdering that child… see judge and jury, no need to put me in jail for it:)


“In nature animals kill each other all the time yes even other primates.”

Actually, the amount of internal violence in most species is usually very low. It pretty much has to be for a species to survive. Even piranhas understand that killing other piranhas is “wrong” on some very basic level.

Anyway, if I believed morality had to do with divine commands like in Christianity, I’d be out there murdering gay people and stoning people who work on the sabbath.

David Lewis

I’d pray to god for that, if only he existed… but he does… and not any more… and again… and no longer 🙁

Demented Dave

39 dislikes…more proof of imperfect evolution! LMAO!


If the god in the bible did exist and I met him after death… I’d ask about the things it says he did in the bible… if they were true… I’d say KISS MY ASS, NOW WHERE’S THE ELEVATOR DOWN!?


@ Jesu


I choose not to believe in god/heaven/hell… if you can call it a choice… it was more of a revelation to be honest, a sense of clarity that crept up on me, facts and knowledge… ideas that proved a lot of what the bible said to be false.

And since these things were false, then there was a good chance the rest of it is bullocks too… since there was no proof for it, I cast it aside. Besides that… “god” is a murderer, and commanded genocide / rape. Who’d want to follow that?

billa murry

This video smh… Christians are close minded

Landon T

Is this supposed to be taken as anything but a joke?


Yeah, he’s extremely interesting. All you have to do is believe in him without meeting him and also believe he’s god and then after you die you get to live with him on special clouds that you don’t fall through for trillions and trillions of years. Once you’re living in the clouds you get to do anything you want and never suffer any consequences and, the best part, you get to sit and watch the majority of ex-living humans who didn’t believe in Jesus being gruesomely tortured for eternity.


Fellow Canadian here… but you’re wrong bro.
I was a Christian… now an atheist. My moral values have not altered or changed.. if anything, I’m more of a moral person now than when I was religious.

I do nice things and am a kind person because it’s the way I’d like to be treated by others. One could argue that that’s far better than doing a good deed because you believe it’s going to pay off in the end.



Sin may or may not play a factor. I’ve never heard that statement before.

So… What your saying is. Gods real because Cops, STD’s, pregnancy, the ground, are very real.

Then you change your premise for the last, obviously fictitious ‘don’t believe in empty fueltanks’, somehow fills the tank? It really should disappear… like Cops, pregnancy and the ground’ disappear.

The thing your still not believing in Is real and true. ‘Not believing in fuel tanks’ makes the tank disappear.


Brilliant as always good sir,
The best counter Christian “logic” really is to just examine it what they are actually saying & the inherent implications thereof.


Meant wat

Glenn parent



no I believe that evolution just gives a reason to practice eugenics and it seems in nature that animals kill each other but they don’t condemn it we for some reason have I do not kno eat makes us human


OH nooo! I don’t believe in anything! everything shall disappear!! xD


and are projecting on atheists


Thanks for that, not being sarcastic I am actually glad you’re pointing out my error.

David Fischer

We evolved morality when we began to form the most complex societal orders that nature ever witnessed. Societies (tribes) that got along were more likely to survive and reproduce, as well as people that were the most moral in them, because they had more friends and less enemies.
We have lived absolutely dependent on each other for quarter-million years. You’d say that it must show.


Who is jesus he sounds interesting

aurel aliy



Buddha isn’t a God, just thought I’d clear that up :P. He was a man, who, in all honesty just found peace of mind through some experiences. That’s to say without the myths behind it, like he calmed a raging elephant by just touching it.


I know a least two Chrisian radio hosts who have no idea what the hell Agnosticism and Atheism are. One of them is a Texan (no surprise), but the other is a deep-voiced douche. Dystheism/Maltheism and Atheism are two different things.


If you think that the god of the bible is in any form moral you haven’t read the bible, especially the old testament. Remember, in church they only tell you how much jesus loves you but they don’t ever talk about all the murder of innocent people that the all loving god commit and many other IMMORAL acts in the name of god. Also and more important, there is NO such thing as BELIEVING in Evolution, you either UNDERSTAND the Theory of Evolution or you don’t.


Socrates, eat your heart out.


2:04 That face! xD
Priceless! xDD


When we developed a conscience and emotions? You can also read about how morality evolved. For example, the native indians didn’t have your God, yet honestly there morals are far better than the ones we have today.


Last time I checked we still kill each other, the war in the middle east sound familiar to you? Shit we’re still as reckless as most animals, we still kill other animals. So if your argument is we don’t kill. LOL check again.

Chazz East

i enjoy how DM2525 brings the unity of debate out of us :)


just the simple fact that creaionists arguments are all so flawed goes to show how dumb they are


So then being Christian is an imperfection? Finally something we agree on!


I don’t know what the point is of asking questions like this, because it’s not as if religion has ever prevented people from killing each other, nor does lack of religion prevent people/animals from getting along.


I went into denial of cops, and it worked! I am now in a magical world of badass with Justin Timberlake kicking the asses of all the crazy aliens. I wonder why the world feels so cushioned and I am always wearing belts and jackets.


I have to admit that I’m not sure Darkmatter has much of a point on this one.

a Christian claiming that someone doesn’t want to follow the path of Christ, because that life is too much of an inconvenience is a valid argument.
Now that doesn’t mean I think it’s necessarily true… but it could be true in some instances, since humans many times will choose the easy way of doing things.

Am I missing something here?

Jack Hoff


How does that fucking answer my question in any way?

Try again. Maybe I should repeat the question for you: Why do atheists commit less crimes in proportion to theists, and make up a smaller portion of the prison population than every religious group?


If there is no god by what logic do you determine morality? In nature animals kill each other all the time yes even other primates. Since when did we just evolve morality? I am a Christian but I also believe in evolution. I just believe the spirit is what makes us believe in laws.


lol o rama