Dingbat Bachmann outdoes herself yet again, this time on ISIS… – VIDEO

 Michele Bachmann Announces Brilliant ISIS Strategy: ‘Defeat Them And Be Done With It’ (Video)

When Glenn Beck appears to be the voice of reason in a discussion between two people, you just know that the other person must really be a lunatic.

Such was the case when Beck and… (gulp) Michele Bachmann were discussing ISIS on Beck’s program Tuesday night. On the heels of Duck Dynasty quack Phil Robertson’s “convert ‘em or kill ‘em” proposal for dealing with ISIS, Bachmann laid out her own completely comprehensive strategy: Kill ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, defeat his army of radical Islamic fighters, and “be done with it.”

Bachmann agreed with Beck’s suggestion of sending in a sniper team to take out al-Baghdadi and pointed out that ISIS only has 12,000 fighters.

“This is something we can accomplish,” she said. Beck pointed out that he, like most Americans, is “tired of war.”

“Well, who isn’t?” Bachmann responded. “So defeat them, defeat them right away, get serious about it, defeat them and be done with it instead of dragging this out.”

Beck wondered aloud if it was possible to defeat Islamic militants like ISIS, and Bachmann assured him that it was since it has been done “multiple times’ in our history. Which begs the question… why do they keep coming back?

Bachmann said, “they have an ideology that tells them to reconstitute”

So they have been defeated, but they keep coming back? How exactly is that logical?

Only Bachmann knows, apparently.

Watch it below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch.


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