Milo Yiannopoulos vs Atheism on Dave Rubin… – VIDEO


Milo Yiannopoulos (conservative pundit, Breitbart journalist) discusses his controversial stance on atheism and atheists with Dave Rubin.


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Joyce Williams

It does not take any courage to go along with the phony atheist crowd to be accepted by them and to further your career. Honestly what do you really believe? If a person is not always wondering and asking questions about God then they are one dimensional. Meaning they are the only point in the universe in their own hearts.

eX Fin

I don't see a reason to argue about religion. Someone's stance on the existence or state of a god has nothing to do with their ability to impact society. A religion is meant to provide a set of morals, or an outline of the way someone should live their life, not a grounds on which to begin countless arguments that ultimately lead nowhere.

Daniel Whittaker (PerfectBeef1)

I love this cunt.


I like Milo's stance on feminism, but how can he be having such blind spots towards the atheist movement ? I mean, A US president can't be an atheist, and it can't be discussed. You've got black people screaming on the top of their lungs on how god doesn't allow people to be gay ? How ironic is that ? That kinda stuff all happens in the US.


So, feminists are atheists.

Patrick Bateman

I myself did not grow up with a religion so I dont believe in anything and I just dont understand how people can be so fucking mad about it lol

Bot Phil

Just because this guy sucks cock and is from britain i'm not supporting his word. He also needs to stop dying his fucking hair, looks old.


Nobody looks at you funny. Tell that to the family of the atheist that was killed for her views and then sat three days on the couch of her murder, as a make shift shrine, or the disabled Atheist who was beaten and robbed by a believer.


You can see that this guy enjoyed the sexual abuse handed out in church.

Hank Wimbleton

"just a couple of people wrong in a room being very angry on the internet"

the more i see of milo the more I like him. everything this fucker says is gold, and he's super charismatic while saying it


Although I don't agree with him that because it's written in some stupid old book, god exists. He's right in that now Atheists are treating Christians absolutely terribly like Christians were treating Atheists the same way in the past. His point in that when people are exposed to power they'll exploit it is completely true. Go into a large metropolitan city like San Francisco and wear a t shirt that says 'I'm a christian' and you'll probably get funny looks, the same funny looks you'd get if you wore one that said 'I'm an atheist'.

Cheshire Warcat

I like Milo but I am shocked he is so two faced and irrational when it comes to atheism.


I'd be interested to hear Milo's reasons for belief. If you want to see people having fun at the expense of thin skinned people, watch clips of the Atheist Experience on YouTube, so much fun if you don't mind repetition, there tends to be allot of that with religious people, seeing as they tend to hold onto bad and disproven arguments (look at the trees! What if you're wrong? How would I know not to rape? It says so in this book! Etc). That's what happens when you don't care if your beliefs are false.

Ant 安东

Milo thinks the whole world is like the UK. It isn't. In the UK being an Atheist isn't a big deal (most people are atheists). But in the US it's totally different. He really doesn't know what he's talking about here

Liberty AboveAllElse

Again, this interviewer is an idiot. He should learn to listen more and talk less.

Handle Me

This kid is just an arrogant snub ass ("First class ticket up there!") who has no idea of the world out-side of his social communities. How did he end up being a journalist?

The Reaper

It's funny how Milo purposefully does this to get entertainment from people, he acts like an ass to get reactions xD, this fuckin' guy.

Mannon Howard

Religious ideology is dangerous. It makes otherwise intelligent people do crazy things. It is no accident that the best societies with the best standards of living have secular democratic governments. And religion is no longer the dominant force it once was.

Lin Gin

I just tell people that I'm not religious because that's all they need to know. I'm open to learning about different religions because they are fascinating considering their philosophical, historical, and literary contexts. I was raised Catholic, but don't buy into it enough to go to church anymore. I don't think I'd burst into flames if I set foot in a sacred space, rather I think it's disrespectful to others in attendance to take part in a modern mass which is fairly interactive. It comes down to the following: What I know is that I don't know. I've never had… Read more »

Marc-Étienne Bernier

"No one will look at you funny if you say you're an Atheist"
Are you crazy? I'd rather announce I'm gay than announce I'm an atheist, and I'm straight.

Lol triggered

I definitely am not looking at the comments


Wow this guy is incredibly out of touch. Idk how anyone would take him seriously on any topic, feminism, atheism, or whatever. He's just spouting to get a rise out of people. Who knows what he even believes.


As a non-believer, I think he was right about everything.


Fix title to: Milo Yiannopoulos Vs Atheism and Gays.

Özgür Akpınar

A gay right-wing? Don't tell me this guy is a Republican. Tea baggers will never accept this guy as one of them.


Come on people. I don't agree with what he is saying, im an atheist myself, but for fucks sake. You shitheads get angry when he talks shit about feminism, but touch your tiny little atheist nerve, and he is a fucking jackass, right?

Grow up, everyone doesn't think like you, and i'm glad that he is not afraid to speak out on what he thinks and believes.

Baze Liquidz (HeliosRa)

This is literally the only thing i dislike about Milo. The guy is awesome, probably one of my favorite people on the internet. But i am quite sad to see him answer to religious propaganda like the feminists he criticizes answer to feminism.
… If that is really his belief. I could also see him being conservative for the sake of trolling the "atheist community" (which mostly fit his description if you take a look at r/atheism…)

maxi banga

I don't want to go to heaven or hell, I just want to die and get life over and done with

Marksy 010

I really think both of these men have small penises.

Yorrick de Vries

What a pompous little shit.