Mississippi keeps Jim Crow traditions alive…

Mississippi Bigots Now Free To Legally Discriminate Against Gays

The Jim Crow laws of Mississippi past are alive and thriving in the 21st century.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act which was passed in April has gone into effect.  As of July 1st, business owners are free to discriminate against their LGBT customers on the basis of religious beliefs.  In essence, if you are homosexual, don’t sit at the lunch counter.  The state made infamous for the slaughter of civil rights leader Medgar Evers is hard at it again.  Narrow minded bigots and homophobes are hiding behind the hatred filled law, claiming “religious freedom” as they target gays deep in the heart of the bible belt.  Mississippi has legalized hate.

Civil rights activists are battling this law vigorously, distributing signs to businesses declaring, “We don’t discriminate–if you are buying, we are selling!”  This has inspired the Bible-thumping American Family Association to cry foul, declaring that displaying such a sign in the window is tantamount to “bullying” Christians.  American Family Association spokesman Buddy Smith states, “It’s not really a buying campaign, but a bullying campaign, and it’s being carried out by radical homosexual activists who intend to trample the freedom of Christians to live according to the dictates of scripture.”

We should be afraid.  Extremely afraid.  This is not a gay issue, or an LGBT issue, or even a religious issue.  What we have presented before us in the state of Mississippi is a human rights issue, as dark and malevolent as Mississippi’s murky swamps.  The Constitution of the United States declares, “all men are created equal and have certain inalienable rights…”  This is the same Constitution vehemently defended, and vociferously corrupted by Tea Party terrorists.  The same document that protects the religious rights of rapid evangelicals in Mississippi.  This is a federal document, guiding a nation, not to be construed as something individual states can “opt out of” or simply ignore.  Bigots have no problem stridently protesting infringements upon their constitutional rights.  Conversely, the homophobes in the state of Mississippi have no compunction corrupting this venerable document, twisting its words to reflect their own insecurities and deep-seated hatred.  The efforts of valiant freedom fighters during the Civil Rights movement have been effectively erased by the stroke of a pen.  Their blood cries out for justice from delta soil, decrying this act of blatant hatred and fear.  How long will it be before we see  straining hounds at the end of police leashes, or bodies jerking at the end of ropes slung from moss laden trees?

Intrepid souls are protesting this law.  Several cities across the state of Mississippi have attempted to bypass the law by passing resolutions upholding the rights of their LGBT citizens.  These cities include Jackson, Bay St. Louis,  Greenville, Hattiesburg, Magnolia, Oxford, and Starkville.  The organization, Equality Mississippi continues its work distributing window signs.  Our outrage as a nation needs to be expressed.  Let the legislators of the Mississippi state government know that intolerance and hatred will not be tolerated.

Bury Jim Crow, deep in a swamp, and allow his rancid corpse to decay in the muddy water.

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