GOP-sellout McConnell tries to pretend he’s not being called out on the Koch tapes… – VIDEO


Mitch McConnell Called Out By Reporter Over Scandalous Koch Retreat Recordings

In a recent, secret Koch brothers summit first brought to public attention by The Undercurrent, several powerful Republicans were captured on tape.

In late August, we reported that Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) – not knowing he was being taped – spoke candidly to his audience of wealthy corporate CEOs, uber-elite donors, and fellow conservative politicians that push their anti-worker, pro-business agendas, and we published the leaked recordings of that speech.

This Tuesday, during debate on a constitutional amendment to limit money in politics, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) discussed offensive statements made by Richard Fink, the Koch brothers’ top strategist, in those leaked audio recording recently released by The Undercurrent, from their June retreat.

Just last week a recording surfaced of a speech given at the Koch brothers’ political strategy summit. One of the speakers recorded, Richard Fink, Vice President of Koch Industries, said some terribly vicious things about unemployed Americans – essentially calling them lazy. He went on to say that the minimum wage leads to fascism, and even compared minimum wage with tactics utilized by Nazi Germany and modern-day suicide bombers.

Reid then called on Sen. Mitch McConnell, who spoke at the retreat, to repudiate the statements.

Now obviously, the Vice President of Koch Industries can say whatever he pleases – that’s his right. But as United States Senators, we have the responsibility to stand up for our constituents who are unemployed or on minimum wage. The Republican Leader was at that summit the very day when Mr. Fink made his offensive remarks. Why has he not gone on record and repudiated Mr. Fink’s comments? In fact, it has been reported that the Republican Leader referred to the speeches at the Koch’s conference that day as “inspiring.”

There are 150,000 unemployed Kentuckians. There are families in Kentucky who live on minimum wage. I am confident my friend, the Republican Leader, doesn’t view his constituents as lazy or fascist stooges. But why has he not taken a stand against Fink’s demeaning rhetoric? If any member of this body said as much, I have no doubt that my friend would come to his constituents’ immediate defense. Why then has he not denounced the comments made by an executive of Koch Industries?

As you can observe in the video, below, during the daily Senate press briefing that afternoon, Lauren Windsor, producer for The Undercurrent, asked McConnell if he would do so.

His response – or lack thereof – is all you need to know about Mitch McConnell.

McConnell is in a tight race to retain his senate seat against Democratic opponent Alison Grimes

Watch their exchange, below:

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