More Fascism to go….


This time, the party is in Oakland. A large rally of protesters gain the ire of Oakland’s finest. Who, with the support of some additional troops from the SFPD’s elite riot detail, decide to be the party poopers. Time to launch some tear gas, and basically cause far more general mayhem and destruction than the rather peaceful protesters ever could on their own. This is just another snapshot of the “America” this plutocracy has become.

I’ll tell you what’s funny to me about all this. Why is it that I have yet to see a supposedly “peaceful” teabagger demonstration not get dispersed by police in this way? Not one time? (I checked by the way) – And this includes demonstrations where certain attendees were documented and photographed to have attended ARMED? Does anyone else find that strange?

It surely is an interesting comparison in the way these two different (but really not) groups of “protesters” are selectively treated by the authorities. Makes you wonder why, and how that’s even made possible.

The real problem here is not the protests, let’s be clear. It’s the way these protests are being handled so very differently than those of other groups. All of who are doing nothing but exercising their rights of assembly and free speech. THAT is the real problem. And just more evidence that this is not the “free” America that some people think it is. At least not anymore.


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