More Fox News Science Ignorance: Hasselbeck Says Climate Change a ‘Product’ (Video)


Authored by Ben Banyas

Evil climate scientists have successfully tricked most of the world to buy what they’re selling, and are hoping more “research” and “studies” will allow them to pull one over on the American public as well. Luckily, Fox News is defending a long standing conservative principle – ignorance. Much like how chemists develop artificial flavors, Fox & Friends host Elisabeth Hasselbeck believes that climate change is “a product” that is “sold to the American people… when scientists do their research.” The poor, unsuspecting American public is at the mercy of these mad climate scientists, whose evil plan to destroy the world is to publish biased and false research… which claims that we need to stop destroying the world.

As Seen on TV!

Man-made Climate Change™ is supported by 97% of the world’s scientists. They’ve made sure to include product placements in such blockbusters as An Inconvenient Truth and The Day After Tomorrow. Starting a new ad campaign this week, “Climate Change™ is being peddled by McGill University physicist Shaun Lovejoy, using the slogan “Climate Change™ – we’re 99% sure it’s man-made. If we’re wrong, you get double your money back, guaranteed!”

Despite this brilliant marketing campaign, recent Gallup polls show that less Americans believe that climate change is anthropogenic today than in 2001. The influence of Fox News cannot be understated, as the vast majority of what they report about climate change isn’t entirely factual. How can we have an honest debate about what’s best for our planet, our nation, our economy, and our people, when millions of conservatives ignore what the research shows again and again?

Oh well. Maybe in some alternate universe, Hasselbeck is right. If that universe exists, perhaps Climate Change™ will sponsor the sequel to Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog.

watch Hasselbeck’s comments below on Fox and Friends.

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