More Fun with Excessive Force…


The more and more I watch these demonstrators get their rights trampled upon, the more it makes me realize how much closer we are to becoming a fascist state. Take a look at the video below that was shared to me on FB. A dozen or so protesters at UC Davis are in peaceful defiance of an order to disperse by campus police. Who, mind you, are dressed for the occasion in full riot gear, and equipped with rubber bullet  guns, and pepper spray. When the police attempt to disperse the defiant resisters, a lieutenant decides to walk among them and spray them DIRECTLY IN THE FACES with some heavy-duty pepper spray. 

These UCD protesters did nothing but peacefully disobey what can be argued as an unlawful order for them to disperse. Even so, they did not fight the police, and simply participated in the same non-violent resistance and civil disobedience promoted by the likes of Martin Luther King, and Mahatma Gandhi. The fact that the police so brazenly applied this level of force to disperse the protesters speaks volumes. It is actually a clear sign of what is wrong with the government today. Again, why they choose to treat THESE protesters any differently than, say, a park full of armed tea-party demonstrators smacks of nothing less than politcally-motivated, selective enforcement. 

While this kind of unacceptable police conduct continues to escalate, let’s make one point clear. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with the protesters or not. What matters is that no one should be treated with anything less than their constitutional rights. Period. Anything beyond that, whether it’s KKK members, Tea Partiers, Neo-nazis, and yes, even OWS protesters, is unacceptable.


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