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Wesley Snaggletooth

It’s so easy to understand: “God sacrificed God to God to save God’s
creations from God!”
Doesn’t that make perfect sense?
No go and sin no more.

Alecia Fluffy

I gotta say… Jesus is looking good. Nothing like the pictures.

Deity is nothing like the pictures either, and I guess he looks o’right if
you’re in to that daddy thing… there’s a show about it on TLC.

Adam Gunari

This is the Grossest misrepresentation of the holy Trinity I have ever seen



The banana wasn’t designed by gawd for us – Man designed it as it appears
today- its a product of genetic manipulation and cross-pollination by man –
Plus it’s the perfect size for the hand and often open other spaces as well

Patrick Wallwork

Wow, this could be my fav Ep! It reminds me of when I was still in grade school. I was raised in a devoutly religious home and sent to Catholic schools. Even at a young age I couldn’t wrap my head around these concepts (is Jesus God, or the son of God? The Holy Spirit thing? Noah? Jonah? Abraham? Communion…the real prescence – are we really eating/drinking Jesus’ (God?) body??!! Reconciliation – can I really commit any crime and then simply be forgiven by confessing my sins in a closet to a priest?? Etc. etc. etc.) I kept asking sensible… Read more »

James Alexander

Mr. Deity and the Identity Crisis: http://youtu.be/mII6-IyaT3o


This is what happens when people like Yoda start to argue with themselves.


why can’t we all say gawd

Daniel Carranza

That was hilarious 

Rogue Black

This is good fun.


This bit was soo good. I’m surprised i only watched it from back before i
actually used a youtube account though.

Sonia Mishra


Matthew Collette

lol… Mormon ad on this video…


I keep coming back and watching this every now and then. Funny clever and
informative at the same time.


Mr Diety, if you weren’t so pushy about the money you’d be up there with
Monty…. clever enough…

Mike Goff
Dominic Mahoney

Beautiful scene.

Olivia Moon
Eddie King

Reminds me of the Laurel and Hardy whos on first skit.

Matthew Michaelson

Cute and funny. But there is more to Christianity than that. It’s only easy to bash like this, when you mold and generalize it into an easily bashable form! This is how I have come to understand God’s plan: There’s a reason why early Christians were so prolific back in the day. They knew some things that the modern churches have lost. modern churches get caught up in doctrinal bullshit such as the ‘nature of the trinity’ or ‘the hell doctrine’, which either are a waste of time to debate, or are flat out lies. Back in the day, it… Read more »

Atheos Nous

The First Council of Nicaea! Haha!


The great irony of this is that the very things that make the LDS church
more possible theoretically make it less believable in practice. In short,
there’s a REASON mainstream Christianity has tried to abandon literalist
ideas like a physically embodied god. And that’s because these things just
fail on empirical grounds. Yet the Book of Mormon completely reaffirms the
Tower of Babel and Noah’s Flood, etc., as historical events.


Requesting donations for entertaining an audience. How heinous!


We’re trying to be more Christ(ian)-like.


By mister deity, you’re right! It seems I shall also have to re-evaluate my
perception of squashes.


Um, you DO know that almost every church begs for money every Sunday? Not
only that, they claim god DEMANDS 10% of their gross earnings. This is
especially hard on the poor and disabled. Your comment is completely

Seán O'Nilbud

Wow it’s absolutely amazing that you didn’t mean that as a dry joke. You’re
a special kind of dude, a true living joke.


I’ve been watching Mister Deity since 2009 and this is still my favourite
episode. The torture you put Sean through is amazing.


I thought horny I mean holy spirit got mary pregnant????

Justin Fowler

This is a strawman. It’s trying to reconcile trinitarianism with modalism.
Look, trinitarianism only posits a God of one being and three persons. It’s
essentially no more complicated than a siamese twin.