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Steffen Segovia Helbo

I don’t do Valentines day 😉 but lucky me it’s not tradition here anyway 😉
thou the womens are getting more and more grumpy about it whenever they
start it’s easily closed here too.. I just say don’t expect me or any other
guy’s to do anything that is not part of Tradition here.. if you want this
you got the wrong dude.. 😛 


That was your best work yet!


Allah – “Now if you will excuse me I have a plane to catch.” Great tongue
in cheek humor.

Deadd Dumm

Muslims get circumcised. I should know. 


I never noticed before. You listed Jesus’ credit as played by “Hugh Jass.”
LOL! I’m adding that to my repertoire of comedic names. xD


@AtheistinFundyLand LOL!


That video could have done with some ENHANCING. You know, raytrace the
light to read the text on the inside of the DVD sleeve as reflected in
Lucy’s eyes when she opens it. Sciency stuff like that.


Is ANY human ever going to realize that ANYTHING at any measurable speed
MUST have “accelerated” to get there??? Good grief… Light accelerates
infinitely and is not perceptible to the untrained or unassisted eyes…
There darkness is merely unrecognized focal attenuation… But anyway..
Simple crap that even Einstein got WRONG, much less these idiotic people
actually “arguing” what can or cannot be “seen” hehe… LOVE THE SHOW! 🙂


@HexenX That was an ad lib! I so glad so many people like it. The first
time Amy heard it she laughed out loud and then suggested it might be
crossing the line. But every time she heard it, she laughed. So, I knew it
was too good to pull.


Huh. Allah is British. I would’ve never thunk it.


AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it!!!!!! You guys had so many
little references in there; I take it that “jewjitsu boy” was a reference
to Lamb? And the way you guys got around the Allah depiction thing, genius!!


Um, the 72 are nuns? Aren’t they sort of married to god or Jesus? So, Mr.
Deity is giving away his wives/daughter-in-laws? (I never really researched
the whole nun thing as you can tell, but I don’t think virginity is a
requirement of being a nun) Also, while I’m wasting your time, the virgin
promise never said gender, did it?

Asula Sperling

This must have been the cheapest video ever xD


Great episode…


Reflections in the sunglasses :/


One word. Acceptance. Live It, Learn It, Love It.

Maxx Kroes

Did you know it’s actually 72 grapes, not virgins. Think of


OMG this is a great show


Even by itself it’s illogical. What’s your point?


It might have been the blank-o-vision shifting my focus but this might be
the Mr. Deity episode with the best script I have seen(?) so far… You
know what I mean.


I am absolutely baffled as to why these videos don’t receive more views.
The combination of wit, insight, comedy, critical thinking, and creativity
that defines Mr. Deity productions is hard to find elsewhere. Perhaps too
many people out there still wear religious ear plugs — of the intractable
kind — rendering their minds incapable of manufacturing any appreciation.
Furthermore, religious or not, too many people are just too sensitive. A
spoonful of political incorrectness would do them good.


Best begging segment ever.


@MrRik2 Ha! You know the debate about that whole passage. Well read, my


@chazz30000 – I would say it’s a meta-joke based on Dalton’s resemblance to
Lucas, much noted over and over in other video threads, and the fact that
the Christian and Muslim gods really are the same god rather than separate


Hiding from what?