MSNBC: House Democrats Prepare Case To Request President Donald Trump Tax Returns


Democrats are crafting a request to send to the IRS and say they will “take all necessary steps” to obtain the president’s returns.

House Democrats Prepare Case To Request President Donald Trump Tax Returns | Hardball | MSNBC



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mark safronsky

Trump barely knows this weiselberg guy, he was just a coffee boy …

Geoff Gyro

Bank fraud.
Wire fraud.
Tax fraud.
Trump Corporate fraud.
True Foundation fraud,
Trump University fraud.
Insurance fraud.
Obstruction of justice.
Conspiracy to break campaign finance law.
Emoluments violations.
Conspire to defraud US election.
Lying to Special Council.


YES !!!!! It's how they got Al Capone.

King Yellowman

Weiselberg straight ahead!


I love this. However, Mr Weisellberg only has a limited immunity from SDNY. It's is likely he will plead the 5th if called before congress.

Sukhbir Sekhon

Would his tax returns show if he's been audited, as trump has claimed for the last 3 years . That's the excuse he has always used for not showing his tax returns even though it's been debunked many times.

Lily Jade

Justice and karma will prove trumps efforts over 5 decades come to nothing as Congress finish all investigations. Poor Ivanka. Senior might get pardon, but all money and properties return to banks. Sad.

Juhlious U

Trump is probably dumbfounded, thinking "Holy crap! You mean that after a lifetime of being rewarded for being the best pathological liar and the best deceitful con-man one can possibly be… I'm actually going to suffer the consequences for it NOW"!?! Yes Donnie yes…..

Mahmood Thomas

Trump must be freaking out which is a good thing not a bad thing

Rightwing Hillbilly

How d'ya think Weaselberg sleeps at night these days???

quinn hendley

i just got a quick flash in my mind on a scene from 'the untouchables' ~ 'get the book keeper'…lol

David Faubion

The question that keeps nagging is how and why did the mom and poop Chump crime clan alude the security state through the years? What gives the law a leg up now? And ultimately why did the law let the stinking Shunk skate away and who else is running rough shod over innocent people?

Cliff Rowdey

Wake up all Americans. We have ben made fools by trump. We must IMPEACH. Or this type of thing will continue. Lets wize up and rise up aganst trump.

Trumpster fire!

Trump will give them his taxes when they pry them from his tiny cold dead hands.

Everblue Freediving

See how Mr Weisselberg cooperates w a few decades in prison over his head, like Manafort…


Prepare… think about…..possibly……maybe…..some day……consider…….growing an actual pair…….
Gawd the DCCC are pathetic DNC donorshill stooges.

John Greene

Weisseberg will have to decide now if he believes in a free nation or Russia.


They gave that guy immunity, so meaning that if he were to testify he can lie about some things even under oath, and nothing will happen to him. It's really a waste of time.

Everblue Freediving

Fascinating. We finally get to see how a stable genius turned a paltry million dollars of his father's tax evasion money into a vast fortune and became the toast of the world…. get ready, Trump worshippers, to bask in unfathomable brilliance…. (And I will be drinking your loser tears…)

Jeremy S

Looks like weaselberg is going down next.

Michael Campbell

That jacket looks FIRE on Natasha Bertrand.

Andi amo

Question. How many people who watch MSNBC know that MSNBC is not a news network???

Bertha Bridges

In my opinion it is time to start preparing impeachment paperwork. Yes, collect all the information needed to complete the tasks but do understand that he can't be allowed to brazen this out. He can't lay low enough for us to forget his crimes.

M. Mangredi

Between Michael Cohen and Felix Sater. Trump is in real trouble. And then Allen Weisselberg .