MundaneMatt Calls Out Islam & Saudi Arabia for Arresting Atheists as Criminals – VIDEO


Video Details:
YouTuber Mundane Matt, with over 100 thousand subscribers. This guy is known for talking about controversial stuff and collaborating with Richard Masucci of ReviewTechUSA, and been subject to Harassment by TheRTUCritic and justgimmemy200. He uploaded a video about a man that got sentenced for 10 years in prison for being an atheist. Basically the guy sent 600 tweets denying the existence of god, and the authorities found out, and he got sent to jail and arrested for it. He got arrested for not believing in Islam. And in the video MundaneMatt is pissed off at Saudi Arabia for having law where being atheist is considered terrorism and why the US is even allied with such a country. He neither supports Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. And good friends with MrRepzion.


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RT @holesinthefoam: MundaneMatt Calls Out Islam & Saudi Arabia … – #Atheism #Exmuslimbecause #FuckSaudiArabia #Re…

RT @holesinthefoam: MundaneMatt Calls Out Islam & Saudi Arabia … – #Atheism #Exmuslimbecause #FuckSaudiArabia #Re…