Hey, this islam thing is making more and more sense to me. Where do I sign up? :P



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I wonder what his doctorate is

Probably sheep shagging, tho I could be mistaken.

Probably sheep shagging, tho I could be mistaken.

I wonder what the sheep or the goat has to say.Wouldn’t be surprised that they make more sense than this “scholar” if we could understand them.

Is he saying the prophet Mohammed(pbuh) used to get freaky with animals?. Kind of reads that way!!

I would eat anything for lunch. But I won’t eat dr naik’s lamb chops.

Does he support Aberdeen FC I wonder ?: -)

Is there a better source for the quote? Vid or something? I can only find the same meme on Pinterest.

Google harder. 😛

There are hundreds of entries for him, just if you Google the quote, it just comes back with the meme. He has lots to say on women being the object of lust and lots to say on the welfare and economics of livestock in Islamic places..just nothing where the two things cross lol

Google better. 😛

Good to know, thanks. LMFAO!

Co inky dinkly google also says he delivers kebabs on weekends to the south London area.. I guess the tax payers money he spent at university paid off huh.

he looks like the product of sex with a goat!

Alrighty Then !!