Jon Stewart has a thing or two to say about the idiots who hate a bunch of scared migrant kids… – VIDEO


It only took about a minute, but on Monday night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart effectively exposed the ignorance of some of the anti-brown people immigrant protesters hanging out near the Mexican border and “bravely” shouting at mostly children and women who were in buses.

And some of these people profess to be Christians. Stewart quickly put an end to THAT nonsense…

“These children are fleeing terrible crime and violence in their home countries, seeking embrace in the open and caring arms of mother America,” Stewart said, followed by the familiar “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free” Statue of Liberty quote.

Then the ignorance parade commenced as Stewart plays a clip of Ignorant Person #1 shouting, “Go back to Mexico!” Stewart reacts with his classic “what the hell was THAT” expression and then pointed out that most of the children that the big bad American protesters were hollering at are actually from Central America.

Stewart then commented, “as Jesus said, I was a stranger, and you welcomed me,” followed shortly by a clip of Ignorant Person #2, who exclaimed that “Jesus would not break the law!”

Stewart composes himself and responds, “You mean radical destroyer of the status quo Jesus? Barging into temples, overthrowing tables Jesus? Breaking the law was kind of his thing!”

BOOM! Roasted. With two quick clips, Stewart exposed the fact that some- or even many- of the protesters have no clue who is coming into the U.S., or much less why they are coming. And that a so-called Christian not only doesn’t know about Jesus, but is willing to turn her back on children who came to America to escape what amounts to hell on earth in some Central American nations.

Check it out below.

H/T: Occupy Democrats

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