NBC News: Vatican Requests U.S. Catholic Bishops Delay Vote In Sex Abuse Scandals


After this summer’s scathing grand jury report detailed decades of abuse and cover-up in Pennsylvania, American bishops were disappointed when they were asked to table action on the sex abuse crisis until a global meeting in February.



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Rev. Stephen A. Cakouros

No real change will take place in the Catholic Church until church authorities are required by law to pass the names of accused priests on to the secular authorities. If that is already the law it needs to be enforced. Child molestation should be treated as a crime just like larceny or murder. These priests do not fear God so they must learn to fear the state, Romans 13:1-5.


Sounds allot like the anti-American liberal lefts playbook.

bayani delacruz

Y delay. Ur hurting too??? Then y delay it 4?

fuck the left and right

Funny, the majority of you want this cult shut down because of child abuse but for some reason you're completely silent when it involves islam, shame on you all.

mozac s

Christian's hypocrites and scam bags


Lol baby rapists.

Tonman57 Tonman57

Shut the evil churche
down and the Vatican what's with the Vatican with money money money evil LIES in the Vatican bodys MURDERS and so much more tear it down god is in are hearts not in money and gold filled building

Mz Lee

The Catholic Church needs Jesus…

Double Agent NPC

Nooo the pope is a democrat he can't be bad!

karl panzram

Burn the preists… !!!!

Victor Harris

Vatican looking like a corrupt government.

Moses Garza

Get their names and people need to take matters into their own hands since the church isn't doing anything about it and neither is the government

Tiny Irish Mafia

Death to america &
Ala akbar mafukkas..

Sam C

Wonder why it took so long for those that were abused to speak up

Free Press

Are these people living in the 21st-century? What a bunch of loons.

Crucial Farms Urban and Fresh

That's because every single one of them is guilty of across-the-board worldwide of touching a child I'm sure

jai ibvr

Next century, they are redacting their escape, end is near!

peter Eat-her

You know I'm not religion or go to church, but I do believe in some great intelligent power out there( which I think the secret society knows about and use it as their Vantage to rule the people) so many different kinds of religions and it all comes down to some (God) they used to get you to believe in… anyway I think it's a scam by the Vatican who I think it's the secret society, Illuminati… by the way run by a bunch of pedophiles know they can hide in churches, secret society houses.. I don't know that's one… Read more »

Robert w

These are evil people that misrepresent the kingdom. Open your eyes.

Mark Jacob

The fools who still go and support this unclean religion are a joke.. Catholic Church is a huge political prostitute saling itself to the wild beast, but soon the wild beast will rip off the whores outer garments and fully expose her

Mark Jacob

No Delays!!! Children's Protection can never be delayed, these sicko's never delayed touching these kids sexually..No Delays


Disgusting foot dragging lack of action from the Holy Cesspool! Immediate transparency and prosecution!


Lock them up throw away the key

Alejandra Leduc

A cancer in the Catholic church that just keeps growing. Death of the church is coming. I cry.