Need a clear explanation about that $7.7 trillion thing?


Fine, here you go. Given by none other than Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Yes, an avowed liberal. But someone who always seems to be going for the truth, no matter where it may lie ideology-wise.

I’ve been reading up a bit on the double-talk being given on both sides of the aisle regarding this whole shitstorm that’s been raised since this story broke last week. Needless to say, there’s not a lot that pols on either side are willing to say about it. The GOP is particularly mum. To me, that’s no suprise. It’s clear all involved in this particular scam were simply not counting on this secret ever being exposed. Congress didn’t even know about it until last week. What’s more, it was almost an accident the way they found out about it. Turns out that the big six banks couldn’t really account for the source of the almost $14 billion that they actually PROFITED from the whole scheme.

Considering that these “secret loans”, raises the stakes of the terms of the bailout by no less than ONE THOUSAND TIMES, there should be no less that multiple in corresponding outrage. I’ve got more to post, so while I’m doing that, just check out the video… 


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