1. The choice dear people for the denier, is stark:-
    Is this u? “I am unconvinced that X is true. 2. I now choose to believe Y
    is true.
    With no activity between 1and 2 other than that of choice, Y?
    Either God exists or he doesn’t
    either theism is true or materialism is true
    either mind came from matter or matter came from mind
    either ultimate reality is transcendent or mindless matter is the only game
    in town.
    either Creation is true or time/matter/energy is eternal in the past
    either the universe has an uncaused cause or it popped into existence out
    of nothing
    either the universe is a lawless, lifeless chaos or it is fine-tuned by
    either our awe-inspiring, rationally intelligible universe came about by
    sheer chance or a rationally intelligent cause.
    either the ABSTRACT laws of science logic and math exist only in a physical
    brain or pre-existed human consciousness to define the natural world into
    either nature is endowed with these laws, or abiogenesis & evolution were
    the product of blind forces, unguided processes and chance
    either morality is merely a spinoff & by-product of socio-biological
    evolution or a Moral Law Giver
    Either something is right even if nobody is right or perhaps it is always
    wrong even if everybody is wrong?
    Either life has meaning, hope and destiny or we’re just a bunch of selfish
    genes with no purpose, no hope and no escape.
    Either we’re all biological machines in motion or have an eternal soul
    either we’re just future worm fodder or part of God’s providential plan.
    Which worldview then, offers a deep sense of joy, meaning hope and destiny?

  2. Lol! Let take my brain, I never see it, nor feel it, nor hear it, nor taste
    it, never smell it, through the knowledge of science I don’t have a brain.
    And most of the in world has a same problem. About 100 years ago science
    said there is no soul and now they admits it there is a soul in every
    human. Science is other word for making human kind puzzle! Is any one thing
    that science has power our mankind, that our life are control by the
    formulas of science they are wrong, we have take something to believe inn. 

  3. Faith in evolution is the same as faith in God. Both lack sufficient
    “scientific” evidence and a general mathematical formula to prove them.
    However, with evolution, you need yo view the universe in a way that goes
    against logic. The belief in God describes the intelligence and design we
    seen in all parts of the universe. And there has always been a tradition of
    atheists going against religions and their places of worship! 

  4. From the comments I’m reading I think majority of people including Tyson
    doesn’t understand that a religious person can be a scientist.

    People are talking about two different sciences here: 1) observational
    science and 2) historical science.

    Both evolution and creation are historical science. They both try to
    explain the past with evidences we have today, but have no observational
    proofs. They use speculation and educated guesses in replacement for

    Observational sciences are the ones we can actually observe like
    astrophysics, chemistry, physiology, neurology.

    You can be religious and still do science, especially observational science
    because these do not require any faiths.

    Historical science, on the other hand, may require a particular faith
    depends which theory you chose to believe.

  5. I’m a Christian and I believe that the idea of evolution and the truth of
    God can co-exist. Take the Big Bang theory for example: there was an
    explosion and it created light; caused by God. Bam. Simple as that. 

  6. This man deserves a Nobel Prize. The culture of denialism in America has to
    be stopped, by force if need be. 

  7. Yeah man good for you take religion out of the science class room…but the
    thing this dude doesn’t know that the best idea’s come from god..put god
    first and all these things will be added un to you…Seek god first..god is
    more important then science…god is the creator of science…science and
    god go hand and hand…he is the creator…proof of this is where are the
    most advance weaponry coming from?who are all these great inventors?They
    are coming from gods chosen people that are the most advanced….

  8. Neil just nailed it!
    Religion and the understanding of reality by ‘faith’ has proven to be an
    utter failure over the course of history.
    The question Neil asks at 2:47 surely needs to be answered by the faithful.

  9. As long as people like this teach that everything came from nothing. They
    will always be laughed at and humiliated !

  10. The war of ideas starts on the “chalkboard”, or from behind a church
    podium. Science is no religion, and religion is no science, and yet they
    inhabit the same space in the brain…..that which is trying to understand
    the meaning of life. One looks at it from a spiritual perspective and
    relies on faith, the other from a logical perspective and relies on
    empirical evidence. Neither will win the debate, because a scientist will
    say that the universe was created by the big bang, and a creationist would
    say, exactly but we call him God. Or a scientist will say creation happens
    over millions of years through evolution, and a creationist would say
    evolution is the design of God. Its perspective. If you think about it,
    science is just another unorthodox line of thought that seeks the same
    answers, but through math and logic. The arrogance of man is thinking that
    we already know enough to judge religion intolerably. I see science as a
    tool and not a belief system. Science is a measuring stick and religion is
    the moral compass. We are going to need both as we move forward. You see
    religion is not as intolerant as we think it is, it does change in time,
    yet it will always be behind the curve of the cutting edge of scientific
    discovery. Lets just hope that religions moral compass is able to keep
    pace with science’s rate of discovery, less we discover something horribly
    powerful and destructive.

  11. I fucking love this guy! A very prolific scientist… A great thinker,
    promoter and defender of truth and logic… Thank you Mr. Tyson for your
    great contribution to humanity… You’re a real intellectual and a great
    academic… Cheers!

  12. Neil is brilliant! Funny that religion is based on fear of the unknown, yet
    science is based on discovering and learning the unknown.

  13. Couldn’t have said it any better! Thank you Niel deGrasse Tyson for being
    such a huge inspiration. 

  14. Always logical, always reasonable, always clear and thoughtful. You gotta
    respect this guy. 

  15. People who don’t see the logic of evolution aren’t ignorant, they are
    stupid. They should know better.

  16. I hope people realize what Neil said about a generation of children not
    knowing the concept of science is entirely true. Replacing Science with
    Creationism will cause our future to be “crippled.” Science has a lot more
    social benefits than religion (in my opinion). The computers, phones, cars,
    doctors, engineers, all rely on the advancement Science. But if one is to
    replace Science, see to it that there will be a lack of these people or
    items in the future.

    I want to leave a last thought. Scientists have found a 4,000 year old tree
    still living in Scandinavia (if I’m wrong about the location, do correct
    me). If the great flood truly happened, then how is it possible that this
    tree is still living? 

  17. Well, all majority Muslim countries (including moderate countries like
    Malaysia and Indonesia) teach the creationist theory of Islam in state
    schools. Good thing Dr. Tyson is now on the record as saying that Muslims
    are intellectually crippled…. ;)

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