1. this could perhaps strike a cord with those who want to hear dick jokes,
    but nothing was even relevant towards the discussion of helping
    creationists… had nothing to do with creationism and all about Freud –
    need to retitle the poem, dear Freudians 

  2. Half of me feels like a proud parent but the other half is a scandalized
    nun. Maybe that’s what he was going for.

  3. Neil Hilborn has given me a lot of things: inspiration, courage,
    validation, a response to one of my tweets that I got to brag about at
    school, but this might be the most important work I’ve experienced of his.
    If my heart could do the hands up in praise emoji, I think this is what it
    would feel like.

  4. I was expecting some 4 minute rant about how much he hates creationists,
    but I was soooo happy with what he delivered. I laughed so hard. 

  5. This was great, just hilarious. Haven’t had a good laugh in days and this
    poem has changed that. :)

  6. I clicked on this not even looking at the name just the title of the poem
    and the picture of the mountain man and then when the video started i saw
    “Neil Hilborn” and I was like no way a mountain man ate Neil Hilborn and
    stole his poetry. But nope 3 seconds of hearing his voice and it really is
    Neil where’d the beard come from?

  7. You are the best dude. Keep it up :3

    Also your beard gets bigger and beardier every time I see it.

  8. I thought it was funny but still, there is discrimination in all species
    (praying mantis that are off color or too small dont ever find a mate and
    can end up lonely.) also, we are one of the very very very few species that
    has sex only for pleasure and not copulation. Just sayin

  9. I don’t think any creationists will really be offended by this. The only
    actual slams against them weren’t harsh at all and the rest was just a
    joke. As a Neil hilborn fan though, I have to say that in my opinion this
    is his laziest “poem” to date. Please watch his better poems before you
    write him off because of this one.

  10. but why can;t the poetry we study at school be like this
    i’m sure my friends would appreciate poetry much more if rocket dicks were

  11. Well that took an odd turn.

    Once creationists can explain eyeglasses to me, then we can have a

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