New Atheists Vs Progressives | Proposing A Ceasefire… – VIDEO


Proposing a ceasefire, the two camps are roughly made up of:
(New Atheists) Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Bill Maher, Daniel Dennett, Lawrence Krauss, Penn Jillette, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. And (Progressives) Glenn Greenwald, Noam Chomsky, Reza Aslan, Cenk Uygur, Chris Hedges, CJ Werleman etc.

Clip from the Thursday, August 13th 2015 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday – friday 4-6pm Eastern.




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Regarding Outside intervention, If there is a civil war within a country, there shouldn't be intervention from another country, because a country;s internal business is its business. If a country invades another country, than a third country CAN but has NO OBLIGATION to participate in this conflict by entering the war on the side of the invaded country. By this standard, when Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany, other countries were allowed to intervene. However, Nato intervention in Serbia, or Libia should not have happened.

simon fergus

thank you kyle! this is something that has been on my mind lately! I think its a combination of religion, politics, poverty and imperialism that shape the circumstances in the middle east and I think focusing more on the religion aspect appeals to new atheists but also people from the far right too and for different reasons of course! In europe right now there is a growing amount of neo nazi anti immigration groups and this is very worrying which it why I think the conversation needs to be about all the factors instead of mostly focusing on one. I… Read more »

Dialectical Materialism

1) People who espouse skepticism and rationality, then proceed to abandon those principles because the evidence that comes from them doesn't align with their agenda deserve no leeway. They are logic traitors and should be destroyed. 2) This suggests that everyone, or at least a significant majority of people who are on the progressive side of this debate are atheist and actively criticize religion-at-large. Virtually every liberal christian and Muslim is effectively on this side and they clearly aren't interested in criticizing opposing religions, because it isn't their place to judge. Even Reza Aslan criticizes Islam and denounces its radical… Read more »

Benjamin Amos

I lean towards the New Atheist side, and while I fully agree with points numbers 1, 3 and 5, I take issue with your other concessions.2. I get that anti-Muslim bigotry is real, but in many cases it is completely warranted, (I'm judging based on the content of their character here, just as MLK advocated) considering that the Muslim world is a largely theocratic, misogynistic, homophobic, superstitious, violence breeding society. I don't think that Muslims here in America should be persecuted, segregated, or discriminated against in any way (which I do acknowledge that sometimes they are, such as that one… Read more »


In short: Be more like Kyle.

Beeri Shahar

I hate it when you force me into disliking one of your videos, Kyle. You pretend to be right in the middle of the divide between "progressives" and new atheists, but you're clearly more closely related to the "progressives" in this debate. Just in case you were wondering why I put the word 'progressives' in quotation marks, it is because I do not consider their positions as progressive enough, just like most "liberals" aren't liberal enough. Slow clap for accepting gays and supporting gay marriage, what about supporting freedom of speech, opposing censorship and acknowledging the world with rationality rather… Read more »

Night Dark

Criticizing Islam today is like criticizing Judaism during world War II at the time when Jews were being murdered in concentration camps. During a time when racism towards Jews was growing around the world while they were depicted as wile, thieving, evil and ugly non-humans. What is happening in today's Europe is that we are seeing islamophobia rising to troubling high levels. semi racist and some even all out neo Nazi political parties attaining high positions in their respective country's governments. These parties are running on a fuel named islamophobia. meanwhile Islam or being Muslim being perceived by many as… Read more »

Neda nuura

Lol At New-Atheist , I'm  just wondering how exactly are they going to  get rid of Islam?

I come here to read their childish comments,I get good laugh ……..

Tristan Lynch

New Atheists are fucking bigots. I'm an atheist but I don't push my believes on other people and say that their beliefs are the cause of instability. Progressives are the only ones who are sane.

Shrivats Sridharan

Kyle, Thanks for this video. I have been frustrated by this for a while and you expressed that brilliantly.. its two groups of people, who are basically the same group in my mind just firing off against each other..  That's how polarization happens, each one only wants to talk about the worst of other. And two thumbs up for your point about, New Atheists acknowledging that anti-Muslim bigotry exists. I think that's important. But I wanted to disagree about one point you made.. You said Sam Harris believes if some one like Osama Bin Laden get a long range nuclear… Read more »

Joe Marshall

And it's easy to point out the problem of "anti-profiling" when using that logic for other issues. That's the same logic used in our drug laws; "of course white people don't use drugs at the same rate as other groups, therefore we should go after the other groups". In addition to the argument being statistically wrong, cracking down on minority groups for drug use is discriminatory and is literally profiling. The same conclusion is reached using both profiling and "anti-profiling"

Joe Marshall

The problem is that "anti-profiling" is profiling, just by a dressed up name. What being argued with anti-profiling is there are groups of people that shouldn't be profiled, which insinuates there are groups that should be. Those that believe in profiling would also say that an 8 year old girl or a 90 year of grandmother shouldn't be profiled as well. And this is the distinction between the two groups, one says that certain groups of people shouldn't be profiled, insinuating that there are those that should. And the other groups is saying no one should be profiled.

Aaron Tabb

For point #3 directed towards the new atheists, I think a strong argument could be made that oppressive state actions done to support a kleptocracy are even worse than religious terrorism – and I say this mainly due to the difference in the power dynamics. If you take an analysis of the Arab nationalism in the middle east post wwII, generally speaking, its apparent that the jihadists are acting from a position of victimization and their grievances are with their occupiers. That doesn't excuse their atrocities but I do think these factors make an ethical difference.


What you have are two groups who have many common points of view, but view them through different lenses and perspectives.  These groups should be allies since they agree on many issue.  The problem is that folks everywhere seem to have a view that their way of seeing things is the most perfect and are not willing to consider another's  perspective.  It is the same bad habit ad right wing conservatives have.  We (both groups) must do better.


But Charlie Hebdo was a false flag attack.


Agree with most of what you are saying.  Two things though.
1)  Reza Aslan is a lying pos and deserving of ridicule
2)  The UN structure allows, for instance Russia or China,  to fund or instigate genocide but then just use their veto to prevent any UN intervention.  Totally agree America is far too militaristic and we need to get off our war based economy.  However I don't think falling back on a total isolationist mentality would be the right way to go either.


You're Famine, Sam. Stop trying to be War.

Thought Criminal

10:30 Overwhelmingly, this is the case. The origin of radical religion is from the material world, use to justify otherwise unjustifiable actions. 18:28 Christopher Hitchens was a Marxist. He didn't shy from the use of violence. 23:07 Organized religious terrorism (Al-Qaeda, Taliban, IS) comes from geopolitics or economics. Isolated incidents (Charlie Hebdo, Tennessee shooting) come from, usually, self-radicalization or just the religion. So, most terrorism should be analyzed from a materialist perspective. Religion is, as Marx said, the opiate of the masses. Poor people gravitate towards religion as an escape from their suffering and exploitation under capitalism. "People go to… Read more »

Dexter Johnson

I agree with most of this, but the problem was at around 4:20, so what about liberals and progressive who openly follow religion, so that would apply only to non-religious progressives who do actively criticize Christianity as a whole. This, of course, couldn't apply to Chris Hedges, for instance, or the "Christian Left", or Reza Aslan (Muslim)

Jynx MSC

I haven't watched the video yet, but in general I feel as if alot of Atheists need to present the problems they have with religion on a more fundamental level (and cut the insults), and others need to open their minds a bit more towards the potential of these problems being real.

Thought Criminal

Again, Noam Chomsky is not a progressive. He's a libertarian socialist.

Obnoxious Ignoramus

progressives are just muslim apologists, because they shit all over christians all the time

at least new atheists are consistent


Right wing is insane.


New Atheism has become a global movement with people all over the world involved and speaking out against religious dogma.  We attack Islam because newsflash, the world doesn't begin and end at the shores of the USA.  Gays being killed in Iran is worse, far worse then gays not being able to marry in the USA.  Yet tell me, which one will I be called a bigot for focusing on? Seriously in Sweden having a gay pride parade to protest the anti gay bigotry which is rampant among many immigrants was shut down and labeled as being neo nazis by… Read more »


I'm not sure about all New Atheists, but Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins speak out against ALL religions (mostly Christianity and Islam) because that is what is relevant to them and their jobs. Sam Harris focuses on religion because most of his cognitive neuroscientific research has been on spirituality, belief, and disbelief, and Richard Dawkins knows how much of a distraction religion is to proper scientific education. That is why they condemn dogmatic religion. So saying they need to focus more on right wing terrorism is fruitless because it is not their job to speak out on that issue. Guys… Read more »

Marissa Annette

sam harris > cenk