Recommended Reading – Nonsense from the Bible


The author of this book, Brian Baker, was a ‘born again’ fundamentalist Christian for seventeen years. For ten of those years he was the founding pastor of one of Australia’s largest churches (1979-89). Following the failure of his marriage, he resigned from the ministry and then spent the following few years seriously examining his faith and the veracity of the Bible. Finally he came to the conclusion that his Christian beliefs were seriously flawed and that the Bible is entirely the result of human invention, imaginations and myths passed down from generation to generation. As the Bible is then based on ‘hearsay’ and written by at least 40 different authors over a period of up to 1,600 years, none of whom were eyewitnesses to the events they recorded, it cannot substantiate the claim that it was ‘inspired by God.’ The result of Brian’s search for evidence caused a personal transformation from believer to realist, rationalist, skeptic and atheist.

He published his first book – From Faith to Reason – in 2009 which contains the reasons why he no longer believes in the existence of God, angels, demons, the devil, heaven, hell or an afterlife. In this book – Nonsense from the Bible – Brian uses the Bible texts to demonstrate their inaccuracies, inconsistencies, contradictions and fantasies. He deals with major issues which are widely believed and accepted as factual events such as the Creation story, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus and the prophecies concerning Jesus. Chapters are also devoted to the question of the second coming of Jesus and Christian Family values. Brian also totally invalidates the so-called ‘power of prayer’ and the claims that God heals the sick. This would be a ‘hard read’ for many Christians who totally believe that the Bible is literally ‘The Word of God’ and accept it as absolute truth.

Brian also believed that for all those years but over a period of time and investigation by seeking evidence other than the Bible he was able to accept that he had been deceived and deluded – or as he now says, ‘Once I was blind – but now I see!’ This is an ‘easy’ read for those who may question their own faith as it provides some convincing information concerning the validity of the Bible.



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David C. Mack

Great for beginning doubters from an enlightened former pastor This is a good introduction to biblical criticism and a quick and easy read for doubting pew potatoes written by a former celebrated pastor who has examined the evidence after leaving the pulpit. As one who has read much on the subject since retirement, my only minor quibble is that I wish the author had briefly mentioned some of the midrashic elements in the Gospels wherein their authors appear to have borrowed from the Old Testament when presenting some of the alleged events of an earthly…

Pepper Lim

Easy to read and understand This is a good follow up to Brian’s previous book ‘From Faith To Reason’. Brian presents his case of nonsense from the bible in a clear yet light hearted way. You might be surprised or even be angry at Brian for saying the bible is filled with nonsense but the evidence is right there for all to see.I enjoyed the many examples given by him. He makes it easy for the reader by underlining the actual verses in question while offering them in full context. Readers can read the actual…


A great book As a former Muslim I was drawn to this book to understand the ex Christian perspective. The book clearly spells out the lies, contradictions, bizarre claims and incredulous claims of the Bible. There’s very little venom in Bakers criticism of the Bible,which considering the fact he spent most of his life indoctrinating others with its content, does him credit. He’s definitely done his research to expose the fictitious claims of the Christian faith. It’s well worth a read and I hope its message…

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