Apparently Kim Jong-Un can’t laugh at himself like his daddy could… – VIDEO


North Korea Declares Upcoming Rogen-Franco Comedy An “Act of War”

This just in: North Korea’s Fearless Leader Kim Jung Un doesn’t think death is funny. Check that. He doesn’t think HIS death is funny. At issue is the upcoming James Franco-Seth Rogen comedy The Interview in which the pair are tasked by the CIA with killing the Korean leader, presumably with much hilarity ensuing and at least one scene where the pair get stoned and dance badly to MIA’s Paper Planes.

The film has raised the ire of officials in the last bastion of good old fashion Stalinism who called the movie an “act of war” and promised “merciless retribution” if the film is released. “The act of making and screening such a movie . . . is a most wanton act of terror and an act of war,” a North Korean spokesman said while rubbing his hands together and making that mwwwwaaaahhhhhaaaaaa sound that the heavy in these kinds of comedies always make. (Ok I made the second part up but the quote is real.) This isn’t the first time a movie has generated controversy before it was released from it’s prospective subjects. We all remember how, in 1979, The China Syndrome caused a nuclear reactor on Three Mile Continue reading →

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