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all bets were off once heaven legalised gay marriage. who'd a thought it?

all bets were off once heaven legalised gay marriage. who’d a thought it?

Sadly we have reached the point whereby we have to check what we are posting. After a flurry of messages, or none, we thought it would be better to publish this one, an imagined scene of love between Jesus and Muhammad, on our own site.

Why? Because Facebook are scared of any offence being caused, of questions being asked (you try contact them), and particulary of the mighty religious power, that make no mistake folks, drives and affects policy everywhere you look, STILL.

What a shame. This would probably have inflamed so many people and set records for us. Or not. Who knows. Anyway, post some responses, how would you have labelled it for instance? Is this not the ultimate poster for supporting gay marriage and pissing off the religious right? Two prophets, one stone, or some shit like that? 😛




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