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It’s alright. All the ‘blood of Christ’ will keep her warm and drunken.

It only works if there’s sacred smoke and hats, however.

This is terrible lol

What kind of sick bastard comes up with this shit.

Psssh. Pneumonia. Nothing a little prayer won’t fix, lol. Oh wait, that doesn’t work either. Damn

Child abuse

So much child abuse with religion…

This should be viewed as child abuse.

I’d suddenly become a Jewish convert if was about to get an ice bath.

Now there’s something every kid should look forward to! http://t.co/NqcfO6ZaZS #paperli

Absolute child abuse!

Helen Branum

Nothing like starting new dumb religious customs.

Good for the skin.

Good for the skin.

Religion… gotta love it!!!

why are they wearing coats if the kid isnt

Shortly afterwards dying from pneumonia.