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Go to conservative news today(FB) apparently it’s all Obamas fault.

Obama’s gonna take our guns! [Runs out to buy more guns]

It’s always Obamas fault somehow

I 110% suport the right to own a gun/guns…. HOWEVER regulations NEED to change

I agree. The problem is coming up with solutions that make sense, will be effective when implemented, and don’t cause legal gun owners to want to become illegal gun owners (so they bypass any new regulations).

Im a liberal i like guns but we need to regulate who owns them

Let’s start with treating guns like cars. No more, no less. That’s the common sense place to start. But nope, the NRA, the gun lobby and the gun nuts don’t want common sense regulation. It’s absurd.

I was thinking the same thing…have a quite detailed plan in my head, actually.

Get it to the right people. They obviously need one.

I need to vet it with some of my Vet friends…then it is on!

Very sharp spikes